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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis reveals SHOCK new start for Flick!


Jacqui Purvis, a star of Home and Away, has revealed that Felicity “Flick” Newman’s new firm will usher in a brand-new chapter for her when she proposes to invest in one of the bay’s most cherished enterprises.

Struggling owner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) believed that her days as the restaurant’s boss lady were over after the HUGE drama of the illegal poker evenings at Salt.

Even though she avoided jail time for her illicit operations, Mac is forced to liquidate her business after failing to find a suitable investor.

Unstoppable Felicity, however, is not about to let Mac drown along with the ship, so she devises a daring new scheme. using her late father’s money to take over as co-owner of Salt!


“When Flick first arrived at the bay, she was a little bit of a wild child. She had no clear established ambitions and had no idea what she wanted to pursue, according to Jacqui.

“She was just chilling out, having a little fun, picking up jobs here and there, and seeing what happened.

She’s never taken a step back and realised, ‘I truly really want to do this and I’m excellent at it,’ until now.

It’s fascinating to observe her journey and the fact that she has her sights set on a long-term goal.


Although Mac is immensely appreciative of Felicity for saving her restaurant, their co-ownership has a rocky beginning because Mack prefers to play it safe.

She is uncomfortable with Felicity’s resolve to reopen the restaurant with a bang!

Jacqui made the observation that “Flick really doesn’t have a filter, so she says a lot of things and has a lot of thoughts that sometimes she doesn’t really think through.”

Salt is Mac’s child; she has been making decisions for so long that it has become second nature.


It’s difficult for her to adjust to having someone else that you suddenly have to consider, “I need to speak this through with you first before I can make a decision,” she said.

She agrees to keep an open mind when Mackenzie’s brother Dean Thomson (Patrick O’Connor) explains that she needs to stop being such a control freak.

Mac had a difficult time after the terrifying poker nights when high roller Peter “PK” King attempted to blackmail her, but it might have been a terrific money maker! And Felicity was solely to blame for that.

Jacqui said, “She did prove herself in the sense that she can make things happen and she can bring money to the firm. She got a lot of trust from Mack.”

She does, in fact, come up with some smart ideas. Just a little confusion, a misunderstanding, and other events took place!

Felicity has a crazy notion to host a music night after her old pals and their band, Lyrik, arrive.


It might significantly alter the restaurant’s reputation. Mac might listen, though.

She must launch Salt again. Flick is trying and she’s really putting herself out there because they need to come up with something new and innovative while still helping Mack with his financial issues, insisted Jacqui.

“Whereas Flick is sort of the heart and the soul in terms of energy and pure emotion, Mac is kind of the books, the brains, and the stats behind it.

“It’s interesting to watch how those two strategies complement one another. They actually level themselves out, in my opinion, and support and assist one another.

“Having said that, there may be some friction. Both of them are attempting to determine how to handle this collaboration and proceed.

Jacqui hinted that there are still a tonne of surprises in store for us even if Felicity is playing a more established role than we’ve previously seen her in.

“I can’t tell too much, but I CAN say that you will most certainly see more of that stunning boss woman interaction between Flick and Mac, which is just amazing to witness on film.

Then there’s this upcoming plot with a few sketchy characters that enter the bay, stir up trouble, and generally make Flick’s life difficult!

They obstruct her from seeing the people she actually cares about. You’ll need to pay attention to that!

Weekdays at 1:15 PM on Channel 5 and 6:00 PM on 5Star, Home and Away is broadcast.

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