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Home and Away spoilers: Bree death bombshell, Levi affair twist and new arrival


After receiving a concerning call from her mother, Bree pretends not to be upset in front of Remi, but as soon as he closes his eyes, he can see that she is upset. The next day, Kirby sees her sobbing, and Bree starts talking.

She discloses that her father is on life support following an accident. After Remi’s accident, Bree says she can’t leave him, but she eventually breaks down in front of an anxious Kirby.

Kirby confides in Felicity that Bree doesn’t seem to be telling the truth about her father. Kirby informs Remi that Bree’s father is on life support after hearing the advise.

While it makes sense that he would want his partner to see her dying father, Bree is still hesitant. Following a heartfelt conversation, Remi persuades Bree to accompany her family.


Mali is still not cool with Mackenzie dating Levi, but he is still encouraging her to get well. Mackenzie presses Levi to explain his lack of reassurance about their relationship, but he is unable to do so.

Things intensify towards the bedroom that night. However, Levi abruptly stops, apologising, and quickly leaves.

The following day, Levi shows up and admits he’s married. Mackenzie gives him the order to depart and looks to Mali for assistance.

He advises her to have a direct conversation with Levi to obtain the whole truth. When Mackenzie shows up at Levi’s hotel, she demands to know why he is having an extramarital affair.


The doctor acknowledges that he just met Mackenzie and that there is nothing wrong with his marriage. They spend the night together after she suggests they need to let each other out of their systems.

When Levi’s wife calls the following morning, the two are taken aback. Leah advises Theo to keep a watch on Justin across the bay.

When they work together that day, Justin, in turn, quizzes Theo nonstop on everything Leah does. Theo informs Leah that he can’t take any more of their relationship drama while Justin is in serious trouble because he has had enough.

It’s time to talk to Justin, Leah thinks. For the first time in days, Leah and Justin are together in the Garage, but when he inquires about their relationship, she runs away.


Valerie, her clinic roommate, enters the Diner as she is having a debriefing session with Marilyn. After everything she’s heard about Justin, she’s amazed that Leah hasn’t visited him at home.

She persuades Leah to ask Justin to join them for supper later because she knows how much they adore each other. Later, after emerging from the surf with Theo, Justin is excited to visit The Diner in hopes of running across Leah by happenstance.

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