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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman catches her attacker in 24 spoiler pictures


Next week, as her attacker keeps threatening to blackmail her, Felicity Newman of Channel 5’s Home and Away devises a scheme to find out who is behind the threats.

Fresh evidence leads Rose Delaney to make an arrest, while Cash’s conversation with the attacker of his sister challenges him as a professional.

This 24-photo gallery gives you an idea of what’s coming up.

On September 13, a Wednesday, Felicity organises.
Felicity comes up with a plan to deal with her blackmailer since she is determined not to feel like a victim any longer.


September 13, Wednesday: Felicity searches through a bag
She is attempting to deceive her blackmailer into thinking she is in possession of the money.

On Wednesday, September 13, Felicity prevails.
Actually, there isn’t much cash in the sack.

September 13, Wednesday: Felicity exits the vehicle
The ‘bag of money’ is ready for her to be dropped off.

September 13, Wednesday: Felicity visits a bin
It’s out in the country.


September 13, Wednesday: Felicity delivers the luggage
To see if anyone is observing, she looks around.

September 13, Wednesday: Felicity pulls out her phone
She sends the intruder a text.

Sept. 13, Wednesday: Felicity establishes communication
She provides the location of the money to the blackmailer.

September 13, Wednesday: Felicity is waiting for you
She is hoping that the blackmailer will appear.


September 13, Wednesday: Felicity is prepared to act
She intends to seize the blackmailer’s picture.

On September 14, Thursday: A male shows up on the scene
Jeremy, the guy, is acting strangely.

September 14, Thursday: Felicity watches on
She thinks this man must have been her attacker, and it’s overwhelming.

September 14, Thursday: Felicity snaps a picture
She is committed to gathering as much proof as she can.

September 14, Thursday: Jeremy grabs the bag
This demonstrates that he has been threatening Felicity and communicating with her.

September 14, Thursday: Felicity looks over the pictures
Nothing is left up to chance by her.


Thursday, September 14: A patrol vehicle pulls up.
Felicity has gotten in touch with Cash since Jeremy left.

September 14, Thursday: Tane and Cash check on Felicity
They’re taken aback by her covert mission.

Sept. 14, Thursday: Felicity provides Cash and Tane with an update.
She attests that she managed to capture her assailant’s face and licence plates on camera.

September 14, Thursday: Tane is concerned.
It is his hope that Felicity hadn’t handled things on her own.

On September 14, Thursday, Rose makes an arrest.
Jeremy gets called in to be questioned.

On September 14, Thursday: Cash enters the interview space.
He asks the first questions.

September 14, Thursday: The interview starts
Jeremy doesn’t know that Cash is related to Felicity.

Thursday, September 14: Jeremy disgusts Cash
Jeremy claims he is innocent.

On September 14, Thursday: Jeremy is arrogant about the circumstance.
Cash gets upset with his attitude.

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