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Jodi Gordon announces the death of her beloved father Ray as she shares heartfelt tribute: ‘The most patient, loving, smart and gentle teacher’


Jodi Gordon shared the tragic news of her father Ray’s passing on Instagram on Saturday.

The 38-year-old actress from Home and Away shared sentimental homage along with lovely old pictures of herself with her father.

In one picture, Jodi’s father is shown sitting next to her mother and holding her when she was a baby.

The actress was seen reclining next to her father and soaking up the sun in another recent photo.


She started, “I’d like to share some beautiful moments in memory of my Dad who passed away yesterday, but it’s with a heavy heart.”

“Dad, you put up the best fight.” Every day we shall carry your love, laughter, and joy with us and through us.

“You will always shine through in the words we speak, the steps we take, and the songs we sing throughout this dance of life.”

“I appreciate everything you’ve done.” Above all, I am grateful for your gift of strength. My brother and I have learned from you how to walk with our heads held high, how to get back up gracefully after falling, how to stand up for what’s right and what we believe in, and most importantly, how to never put up with fools.


“He always held my hand so tight, especially when I was nervous,” she went on. He would remark, “Polly, you got this.”

Jodi described her father as her “big brother,” the most understanding, kind, polite, and intelligent teacher anyone could wish for.

The actress went on, “The coolest Dad, the naughtiest Dad, the rockstar Dad, the stylish Dad.”

She added she would “never forget” her dad’s love of “a beer, a bbq, a smoke, and a laugh” in addition to spending time with family in Queensland.


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