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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity turns the tables on her attacker


When her attacker escalates his demands once again, Felicity takes a risky step on the UK version of Home and Away the following week. Will it pay off?

After covertly caving in to her blackmailer’s demands and paying him $10,000 to conceal the film of her attack, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) thought she had finally had enough of the nasty guy.

Tane (Ethan Browne), Flick’s husband, cautioned at the time that it could open up a can of worms, and it was already bad enough that she felt she had to pay his first demand of $1000.

So it wasn’t shocking when a follow-up message arrived requesting the $10,000. Tane thought he had convinced Flick to disregard it, but in reality, she went to her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) for a loan, explaining to him that in the weeks that followed the attack, she had managed to get herself into a financial bind.


Tane is certain that calling the attacker’s bluff has paid off because they haven’t heard from him since the previous week and the footage hasn’t been released to the public. However, his respite is short-lived when he discovers Flick and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) discussing the money Eden borrowed from Cash in Salt.

Flick, who is upset that she broke their agreement to not pay anything, chases Tane as he leaves. Tane is shocked to learn that Flick is so gullible, even after she assured the blackmailer there would be no more money and that the situation is now definitively resolved.

This is indeed the case—Flick subsequently gets a second communication with the attacker’s new demands for $20,000. Tane accepts Flick’s apology and knows why she did what she did, but she does not tell him about the new requirement.

In an attempt to buy some time, Flick responds that she can’t make a bank transfer because her husband will find out. She then gets another message informing her that they will send further information the following day.


Flick attends Lyrik’s record release that evening, and everything seems to be going smoothly until she is transported back to the Battle of the Bands day. Asking Tane to take her home, Flick is having a panic attack.

When Tane wakes up the following morning, Flick has departed and a troubling message has been left on the table. “I refuse to remain a victim in the future. I ask that you not detest me.

Tane doesn’t understand that Flick has already driven to the place where she is supposed to drop off the $20k while he scrambles to find Cash. Instead of giving him money, she has stuffed a bag full of scrap paper in an attempt to fool her extortionist.

Feeling apprehensive, Flick stashes the bag in a faraway wheelie bin and waits in the car.


Tane is compelled to notify Cash of the truth about the events of the last several weeks, and Cash is incensed that they withheld this knowledge from him earlier. But right now, they have to find Flick immediately; they don’t have time to debate about it.

Staked out in her stakeout of the drop-off point, Flick ignores Tane’s calls on her phone.

Finally, Flick feels a chill go down her spine when she witnesses James Dyke, a man, approaching the trash can. and Flick realises she has her assailant as he goes to get the bag.

Fearful, Flick furiously takes pictures with her phone. When the man approaches her car, she automatically starts the engine, shifts into drive, and hovers her hand over the accelerator.

She is shocked when Tane and Cash eventually discover a heartbroken Flick sitting in her car by the side of the road. She informs Cash that she set up her blackmailer and apologises while tears stream down her cheeks. Flick informs Cash triumphantly that she took pictures of him and his licence plate, even though she was scared to think that she was about to run the man over.

Once she arrives home, Flick tells Cash that she knows the man from Battle of the Bands that day, and soon after, she receives another irate message from him demanding that she give him the money.


They eventually track down the man they’re chasing, Jeremy Holding, when Cash goes to the station to run the plates.

In order to preserve the integrity of the evidence against him, Cash asks coworker Rose (Kirsty Marillier) to go and take him into custody.

The two finally meet in person for the first time since the day of the attack when Rose escorts Jeremy into the station, as is customary. The guy smirks at Flick as he passes, and it takes all of Tane and Cash’s will not to take him out right then.

Jeremy, who is smug, is interviewed by Cash and Rose jointly. He refutes all of the accusations made against him. Jeremy declines to divulge the passcode when Rose shows him a warrant to check his phone.

Rose tells Cash that the IT crew is already on their way, but Cash wants to get things done faster, so he holds the phone up to Jeremy’s face. The phone has been unlocked by facial recognition technology before Jeremy can even react.

When Cash finds the texts that Felicity sent, coupled with the picture of her asleep, he asks Jeremy to explain. His sole reply is to icily ask for legal representation.

He’s going to take a DNA sample, Cash tells Flick when forensics later find proof on Jeremy’s phone suggesting he wasn’t the only victim. When he gets ready to do so, Jeremy mocks him, telling him that his lawyer would make everything go away and that it’s just that “chick’s” word against his.

He informs Cash in a haughty manner, “That girl, she knew what she was getting herself into.” “She enjoyed every minute of it, and she wanted it.”

As Jeremy takes the sample, Cash miraculously maintains his composure and gives him a crucial piece of information.

Cash responds coolly, “By the way.””That person is my sister,”

Jeremy looks down.

Will Cash maintain composure and, in the end, bring his Flick’s assailant to justice?

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