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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson saves Justin life in dramatic scenes


Leah is on the verge of losing Justin.

On UK screens next week, Dean Thompson of Home and Away runs to the rescue as Justin Morgan nearly drowns in the sea.

Following a day of rowing with his wife Leah Patterson-Baker, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is shocked to see Justin struggling in the water.

Following Susie McAllister’s dramatic exit from Summer Bay, Justin’s friendship with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) will be tested in upcoming episodes on Channel 5.


Susie, who escaped from the Bay with their $90,000 life savings, is blamed by both the couple and Susie.

When Leah attempts to assist Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) at the Surf Club with their own dramas, tensions rise.

The Surf Club is facing serious criticism and a potential fraud prosecution after Susie took sponsorship money under false pretences.

Leah offers her help to Alf and Roo as they weigh their choices. However, Justin (James Stewart) is irritated that she isn’t concentrating enough on their own issues, resulting in a fight between the two.


Things worsen when Justin runs into Susie’s jilted boyfriend John Palmer (Shane Withington) and accuses him of being to blame for everything. Since Leah isn’t amused, Justin finds refuge at the beach.

Justin takes a surfboard and heads out into the sea, desperate for something to take his mind off things, and Leah is perplexed.

The sea is rougher than normal, and a rogue wave slams into Justin, pulling him underwater and flinging him around.

As Dean notices the drama, he rushes out to save Justin, while Leah watches on, worried.


Dean arrives just in time to save Justin and pulls him to safety. Justin, on the other hand, remains adamant about not being checked out in the hospital, leaving Leah concerned that he is refusing to accept the support he obviously needs.

Is this just the start of Justin’s downward spiral?

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