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Home and Away’s Dean receives a death threat in 30 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, June 27.

Tuesday, June 28th:

Dean is in for a stressful week. He’s tried to blackmail PK into returning Mac’s money.

Dean might be undervaluing PK. Dean is handed a mysterious envelope that has arrived for him by John.

Dean is in a state of flux. He has a photograph of his young kid Jai.


A message is included in the photo. Dean has been told by the sender that their feud is far from finished.

Dean is concerned for Jai’s safety. PK is plainly attempting to scare Dean.

Dean is intrigued by PK’s abilities. Is he really going to hurt Jai?

Wednesday, June 29th:

Dean is still concerned. He dials a frantic number.


Dean has a conversation with Amber. Until until notice, he advises her to keep a careful eye on Jai.

Amber receives little answers from Dean. He’ll only say that he’ll explain everything to her later.

Dean is agitated by the fact that PK and his heavies have photographed Jai. It demonstrates how simple it is to include the child in their conflict.

At the Surf Club, PK appears. His arrogant attitude persists.


PK is confronted by Dean. PK attempts to appear innocent at first.

PK can’t stop himself from teasing Dean. He makes a comment about Jai’s trustworthiness.

Dean gets irritated and loses his cool. He keeps threatening PK.

Dean isn’t going to be intimidated. This argument appears to be far from over.

John is concerned about the rising tensions. Things are starting to spiral out of control.

Thursday, June 30th:

For the Stewarts, today is a significant day. The transplantation of Martha’s kidney will take place.


Martha has a good attitude. The operation has been in the works for a long time.

Roo is also in good shape for surgery. Martha has finally agreed to receive her kidney, which she is grateful for.

Roo makes an effort to maintain a positive attitude. Alf is jittery.

Prior to the operation, the Stewarts spend time together. Everyone wishes for the finest outcome.

Martha and Alf had a conversation. They hope that once the operation is completed, they will be able to look forward to the future.

It’s time for Martha to go to the hospital for her surgery. Alf takes a step back.

It’s Xander’s first day at the Northern Districts Hospital as a paramedic. His new employment starts off with a bang.

Xander’s work makes Jasmine proud. He’ll do a fantastic job, she’s confident.

Xander and Jasmine have a conversation about Logan. They’ve had a falling out over the recent vehicle accident.

Xander wants to pay Millie another visit. However, everyone is concerned that he is becoming too devoted to her.

Theo is concerned that he has messed up with Chloe. Last night, he irritated her by bringing another girl to their arranged drinks.

Chloe is underwhelmed. She does not want Theo to engage in any type of game.

Theo apologises for his actions. He realises that making Chloe jealous was a bad idea.

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