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S*x work secret, Paul faces ruin, and David’s jail hell: 6 big Neighbours spoilers


In Neighbours, David’s (Takaya Honda) reality is going to hit him harder than most as he settles into his new home behind bars, and Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) reality isn’t any better as she conceals the truth from her loved ones.

David is expected to serve his remand in a maximum-security facility, where it is clear that he will have a difficult time surviving. The family does everything they can to support him, but when a terrifying warning arrives, it’s just a matter of time before things spiral out of control.

Even though Mackenzie (Ben Turland) appears to be handling the loss of Hendrix well on the outside, she is still in mourning. Will anyone see the flaws before she crumbles before they become visible?

When his beloved mother discovers his secret, she’ll have kittens, according to Byron (Joe Klocek). Will Toadie (Ryan Molony), who is on the verge of learning the truth, learn about Byron’s seductive side gig?


When Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) discovers what Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has been doing with her money, he is perilously close to falling off a cliff. Is he about to lose his grip?

In another scene, Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) is compelled to become closer to Nicolette after Glen (Richard Huggett) confesses to her (Charlotte Chimes).

This is what is coming up in Neighbours.

David is being pursued in jail, endangering his life

When David and his family realise he will be kept in a maximum-security facility while on remand and awaiting sentencing, they are appalled. They are all fully aware that he is not suited for that setting. Dad Paul pulls him aside and shares some survival advice from his own experience being imprisoned; he must adapt to survive. Although Paul meant well when he gave David a pep talk, the comments simply served to make David more fearful because he believed there was no way he could adapt well enough. It turns out that his fears are realised quite quickly. He receives a horrifying warning that makes him fear for his life, and the threat soon materialises. For the moment at least, it appears as though David is staying put. His family immediately takes action to get him out of there as quickly as possible. Paul then strikes gold when he learns that Holden, an old enemy, is housed in the same prison. In an effort to protect his son from the horrors that await him, Paul throws money at the problem. The family is in disbelief when they find out what happened to David when his scheme fails. However, a lifeline appears from an unexpected place: Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma has a plan to make sure he’s safe. Do they intend to strike a deal with the devil?


Mackenzie’s covert conflict

Mackenzie is a brave face who can walk and talk. She seemed to be coping with her grief admirably, as far as anyone can tell. However, another reality is present underneath. She appears to accept a letter from Sadie in good faith, but behind closed doors, a furious Mackenzie smashes it. Is this a sign that she might lose it soon?

Uncovering Byron’s covert s*x activity

Golden boy for Jane is back, but he has baggage. Instead of attending his first meeting with Rebecchi Law, Byron is observed bringing private documents to a new appointment with an unknown client. Then it becomes obvious that he is actually a gigolo. By all accounts, he’s a good one; yet, he quickly runs out of clients and finds it difficult to balance his secret professional life. His job with Toadie suffers as a result; Toadie starts to notice when he arrives late and departs early. Byron attempts to step up his game after realising he is on shaky footing, but at the pace his fame is growing, he won’t be able to continue. Will Jane discover the reality?

Inadequate chemistry

Chloe is struggling with David’s condition, so she does what she does best and tries to completely divert attention. She tries to accomplish this by becoming sassy with Kiri, but nothing seems to work, and everything seems a little off. When Nicolette later accepts an invitation to Kiri’s church in an effort to find serenity but ends up becoming closer to Kiri, it appears as though Chloe may be losing control over Kiri. Has Chloe been wronged?

Glen’s reality

Meanwhile, Kiri is somewhat taken aback when Glen says he missed her party because he relapsed. But it serves as a starting point for the two of them to open up to one another, and they come to a happy resolution when Kiri says she only wants a friend and isn’t searching for another parent. They may now proceed because they both have the same goal.


As Terese learns the truth, Paul Robinson risks ruin

Paul has been so focused on destroying Terese that he has forgotten about his kid David, who is what’s really essential. However, one mistake may cost him everything. When Terese learns that Sapiko & Bazz holdings has filed for bankruptcy, she immediately suspects foul play. With Byron’s assistance, she discovers that he has been trying to conceal money, which is exactly what she needs to hear. Now, she simply needs proof before committing the murder. Terese confronts Paul, who claims ignorance and even tries to deceive Terese into thinking she made a mistake. However, Paul vastly underestimates his future ex-wife. Leo informs him that he is acting in a way that disgusts him, especially because he is disregarding the one who needs him the most at the moment. Paul realises enough to recognise that he hasn’t been playing fairly. He offers Terese a deal: he’ll buy her out of Lassiters in an effort to maintain some dignity. Will she seize the opportunity to escape his control, or is the struggle just getting started?

On Monday, June 27, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.

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