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Home and Away Spoilers – Millie threatens to bring Xander down


The day of Martha and Roo’s transplant operation approaches next week on Home and Away in the UK, and Millie turns against Xander when she learns the truth about the accident.

When his attempt to do the right thing leads in him being blackmailed, Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) is about to realise that he has dug himself into a deep hole.

After Millie Hudson and her friend Jo were engaged in a car collision with Logan Bennett a few weeks ago, Xander has been watching out for Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe) (Harley Bonner). Shortly after the accident, Jo passed away from her wounds; the cause of which is still unknown because both Millie and Logan have memory loss.

However, police investigations revealed that Logan was speeding at the time of the collision. With little more to go on, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) informed Logan that he might be charged.


Last week, Millie made an attempt on her own life by wading into the water while blaming herself for Jo’s passing. She was saved by lifeguard Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and brought back to life by Xander.

Observing how distraught Millie was, Xander abused Jasmine’s trust by telling her that the police believed Logan was to blame for the accident and that she shouldn’t feel bad.

Due to her sister Rose’s (Kirsty Marillier) worries, Jasmine was upset with Xander and cautioned him that he was becoming excessively close to Millie.

Xander won a second interview at the Yabbie Creek ambulance station after impressing paramedic Jo (Katie Horky) at the accident site. This week, he starts his first shift by transporting a patient to the Northern Districts Hospital.


Jasmine is present for the handover, and following the two quickly discuss Logan’s upcoming vacation.

Logan is actually taking a break after discovering his girlfriend Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) dishonesty, but Xander interprets his absence as an indication that he feels guilty about causing the tragedy.

Logan is obviously only attempting to evade Millie, despite Jasmine’s prompt reiteration that nothing has been established and that the accident is still being investigated.

To Jasmine’s dismay, Xander decides to visit Millie once again and discovers that she is doing much better now that she has reportedly been cleared of the death of her companion.


When Millie reveals to Xander that not only is she a lawyer, but that her boss is also Jo’s father, he quickly realises his error. In an effort to bring Logan to justice for the tragedy, Mr. Harding is assembling a civil case against him after learning that he was at fault.

The following morning, Millie makes plans to meet Xander at the beach but she doesn’t want to discuss the case. Parts of the voyage begin to come back to her as she tells Xander that she and Jo were travelling to the beach on the day of the disaster while gazing out to sea.

Until Xander’s phone rings and everything flashes back to her, the actual accident remains a blank.

She recalls taking up her phone to view a text message that she had received. and the realisation strikes her out of nowhere. In the end, she WAS to blame for the mishap!

Xander is prepared to inform Rose that they have some news regarding the disaster when they run into each other in the surf club, but Millie becomes frightened and wants to leave.

Insisting to Xander that she would lose everything if she did, Millie makes it quite plain that she has no intention of informing the authorities of the truth.


Millie is adamant that Logan’s speeding was still a significant contributing cause to the tragedy, despite Xander’s urgent attempts to convince her otherwise. He asks her whether she could really keep such a large secret for the rest of her life.

When Xander questions Rose about whether Logan would face charges, she cuts him off and cautions him to stay away from Millie, implying that he has before encountered a similar circumstance.

When Xander runs into Millie again, he informs her that his only choice is to call the police, but Millie then shows her secret weapon. She did some research and found out that Xander once had an AVO served against him.

Xander is warned by Millie that she will accuse him of harassing her if he informs the police about her.

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