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Home and Away’s Colby Thorne exit storyline sees him cut ties with Bella Nixon Bella is left distraught.

For audiences in the UK, Home and Away spoilers follow.

In an emotional message to the UK screens next week, Colby Thorne breaks ties to her sister Bella Nixon.

Since charging guilty to the murder of his violent stepfather Ross Nixon, Colby has reportedly been sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

Bella (Courtney Miller) is concerned in upcoming episodes on Channel 5 when she hears that Colby has been released from the jail.

This places Colby back in custody with the same criminals who have killed him in a vicious beating.

Bella is planning another visit to check how Colby is doing. She is asking to tag along to Colby’s best friend Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), but Dean needs to stay ahead of Colby.

Just as John Palmer sends Dean some home truths, he knows that he must step up to help Bella.

When Bella and Dean come together to the jail, they are surprised by the guards denying entrance.

When the couple offer an explanation, they are told that after a second occurrence Colby was placed in solitary confinement.

A little further is known, but one of the guards hands a letter to the Dean as they leave, which Colby wrote for Bella.

The note was later discussed together by Bella and Dean. Colby has written in an emotional final note that he no longer wants Bella to meet him as one or the other is not equal.

The flashbacks reveal just what had transpired before in the jail – Colby took top dog status by catching and stabbing the strongest man in the courtyard. He is being sentenced to solitary detention.

The shock scenes mark the culmination of the three year Colby performance by Tim Franklin.

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