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Home and Away’s Cash spots creepy clue in stalker mystery


In upcoming scenes, Cash Newman from Home and Away will discover a disturbing clue left by a stalker while conducting “research” on his well-known boss.

Recently, Cash was brought on as well-known movie actress Stevie Marlow’s bodyguard, with the responsibility of guarding her against an incessant stalker. Eden, his lover, isn’t too thrilled with the job’s demanding schedule, though.

Scenes from the UK premiere next week show Cash arriving home to an emotional Eden, who feels deceived by her boyfriend’s abandonment to take care of a celebrity when she’s having a rough day.

Although Cash acknowledges that the new work requires constant availability, he assures Eden that she will be his top priority despite the difficulties.


Later in the week, after working a long shift, Cash returns home to find his sister Felicity grilling him and asking about Stevie.

Although Cash attempts to maintain a professional demeanour by downplaying the specifics, Felicity persists in pressing him, pointing out that it is his responsibility to be aware of his client’s life.

Eventually, Felicity persuades her brother to view Stevie’s film “Death Throes,” but not before Cash, who was at first hesitant, becomes engrossed in the story and Stevie’s outstanding performance.

But Cash abruptly stops the movie when he spots some graffiti on the screen that has the digits “2346” on it—the identical numbers that Stevie gave him in the police reports.


Is the plot of Stevie’s movie serving as an inspiration for her stalker?

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