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Dr Karl star Alan Fletcher admits he ‘went through hard drives’ on Neighbours set amid axe


Legendary actor Alan Fletcher from the iconic Channel 5 programme “NEIGHBORS” has spoken up to about the one thing he made sure he did before it ended permanently.

The longest-running recurrent character on the popular Channel 5 soap opera Neighbours was played by 65-year-old Alan Fletcher as Doctor Karl Kennedy for almost 28 years. The Channel 5 star later opened up to about the one sly thing he did on set just before the programme was cancelled and the last scenes were shot.

The actor revealed that because the Neighbours soap opera has ended, he is no longer permitted to keep several items from the set.

Alan responded to’s inquiry about whether he borrowed anything from the famous Ramsay Street in the soap opera: “I was actually allowed to bring 10 pieces of clothing, so I chose to bring some of Doctor Karl’s coats and other items that have come in handy because I’ve already used them in some filming.


“However, I made care to take pictures of everything, including the pictures hanging on the walls.

Particularly the ones behind glass that couldn’t be removed, “that was a major issue for me.”

Alan discovered yet another approach to ensure that he captured all the significant memories from the well-known Australian set.

He went on: “Additionally, I made sure to search through every hard drive in the publicity department to gather as many images from my tenure as I could.


I made an attempt to purchase Doctor Karl’s guitar from them, but they turned me down.

Alan also discussed his off-screen romance with Jackie Woodburne, the love interest in Neighbours.

Alan answered when asked what he would miss most about Neighbours: “I value working relationships above all else.

“Aside from Jackie Woodburn, who is obviously the best and dearest friend, we have enjoyed working together.


“We get along so well both on and off the screen.

“The cast and crew were like one huge family; we laughed nonstop and watched out for one another.

“We will continue to communicate, but it won’t be the same.

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