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Home and Away’s Cash confirms Jasmine’s future in emotional scenes


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week, Jasmine Delaney’s departure will finally be resolved for the UK audience of Home and Away.

Jasmine recently abruptly left Summer Bay to help her late husband Robbo’s family, but she made a commitment to return.

In the programmes airing on Channel 5 the following week, Jasmine’s new partner Cash Newman learns that she has since changed her mind about going back.


Cash wants to surprise Jasmine with a love proposal when she agrees to go back to the Bay with him.

Jasmine does not arrive as expected, so Cash sets everything up and eagerly awaits her arrival. Confusion is increased by Jasmine not returning Cash’s calls.

The first thing that comes to Cash’s mind is that Jasmine might have heard about the secret night he spent with her sister Rose in a car.

However, as time passes and Jasmine and the Shaws continue to not return his calls, Cash begins to worry that something awful might have happened to them.


Cash confides in his longtime friend Eden Fowler about his plans to file a missing person’s report for Jasmine. The Shaw family farm is close to a local force who offers to conduct a welfare check.

Cash is shocked to learn from the police that Jasmine and the Shaws are all in good health.

Jasmine wants to avoid speaking to Cash directly about her decision to move in with the Shaws permanently.

Cash is surprised to learn that Jasmine forwarded her best wishes, but he is unwilling to continue the conversation.


Cash and Irene Roberts examine the unexpected circumstance, and it soon becomes obvious that Jasmine might still be holding onto Robbo-related memories.

Cash is devastated for himself, but he also worries about how Xander and Rose, Jasmine’s siblings, would react when they realise that they moved to the Bay for nothing.

After four years with the show, Sam Frost made the decision to leave in late 2021.

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