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Home and Away spoilers: Xander humiliates Rose during an explosive family dinner


Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) have chosen to keep an eye on Xander (Luke Van Os) after he lost it at a drunk driver while he was working. Xander furiously tells Cash that he doesn’t require babysitting after swiftly noticing that Cash is continuously watching him. Cash recommends they get a drink, but Xander is too sensitive to accept the suggestion and bids them farewell.

When he locates his sister, Xander confronts her, asking why she’s talking about his personal matters with others. Rose maintains that they are only protecting him, but Xander feels deceived and advises them both to take a step back.

Irene (Lynne McGranger), who has observed their angry discussion, says they must settle their differences otherwise Jasmine might return to her brothers arguing and a hostile environment. She extends an invitation to dinner in the hopes that everyone would be able to talk things out.

Xander is still visibly upset over supper and hardly touches his food. Irene decides to drop by and strikes up a conversation, inquiring about his job. However, a touchy Xander who has developed the irrational belief that everyone is aware of his difficulties questions her motives for being so critical of his work. Who or what is she?


Irene is surprised, but nothing can now stop Xander because of his out-of-control wrath. Instead of tackling Rose’s issues, he gets up and claims that she is airing his. Why doesn’t she tell the family that her feelings for her sister’s lover are mutual? As Rose, feeling embarrassed, chases Xander out of the room, Cash and Irene watch in disbelief.

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