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Home and Away spoiler: Dana makes a plea to Rose


Rose is experiencing stress from the collision of her personal and professional worlds, and she quickly lets Xander know how she feels about Dana’s late-night visit. She chastises him for talking about police matters in public.

Irene observes Rose’s stress level immediately after Xander offers her a coffee as an olive branch in an attempt to mend fences. As Irene pushes Rose to maintain objectivity, she has an epiphany about how to proceed.

Dana accidentally reveals to Mali that his girlfriend will be the one to determine his destiny when he confronts her about Rose and the allegations. Dana makes it plain that he won’t be interfering when he presses Mali later on. Since they haven’t spoken in days, he makes the point that Rose will do what she believes is right and that nothing he says will change that.

Dana tries to complain to Xander about Mali, but he tells her that he has heard that she has been harassing his sister and believes that she has also been harassing Mali. Their friendship seemed to be in danger after their argument, forcing Xander to leave her.


Mali and Harper are still concerned that Tane doesn’t appear to be motivated to pursue his legal battle. Rose walks over and requests to talk, as Harper and Dana are encouraging him to stand up for himself. When he does what she asks, she wants the whole truth about Harper and Mali’s involvement. He is honest with her, telling her that they dissuaded him and forced him to act morally.

Rose informs them that she has decided not to press charges when she encounters them at the surf club. Harper is appreciative, and there appears to be thawing tensions between Rose and Mali.

Dana, relieved for her sister, recognizes that she could have gone too far and immediately goes to Xander’s to apologize. She usually apologizes in a convoluted and contradictory manner, but in the end, Xander kisses her after drawing her into a passionate hug. Is this the beginning of a new chapter in their lives?

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