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Home and Away spoilers: Does Bree have feelings for Remi after love triangle drama?


Bree (Juliet Godwin), a new doctor, just had to disappoint Remi (Adam Rowland) by disclosing her marriage. Bree notices Remi groggy one morning and extends an invitation to breakfast because the two have managed to move on and remain friends.

Bree proposes they hang out more after their laid-back time together. Remi, though, informs him that he has band practise, so he returns home to get ready. Bree had no idea that Remi lied about his intentions and hid the fact that he has a date.

Later, Bree spots Remi by the waves as she strolls along the shore. When another woman races toward him and he spins her around in his arms, she stops short of calling to him. He’s obviously trying to move past Bree by going on another date. Why then does Bree appear so uneasy?

Later that evening, Bree and Remi run into one other once more while looking for pizza. They decide to spend the time together since they both have a free evening and want the same food. But when glances start to linger, their cosy night in quickly turns into something too intimate.


Bree brushes it off and encourages they open another bottle even though Remi acknowledges he lied about his date with the nurse. Remi quickly decides to end the night because she is secretly missing Bree but doesn’t want to admit it.

Bree appears to be kind, but she is actually shaken once more and wonders why she cares so much about Remi.

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