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Home and Away’s Amber is furious with dean in 23 new spoiler pictures


Your full picture gallery revealing what’s on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, May 24.

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The day of the surf competition is Thursday, May 27.

After everyone else drops out at the last minute, Marilyn steps in to be a martial.


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Thursday, May 27: Marilyn begins to take advantage of her position of influence a little too much.

She continues to be bossy when blowing her whistle.

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Thursday, May 27: Alf is concerned.

He is concerned that Marilyn would detract from the festive mood.

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Roo and Alf address the situation on Thursday, May 27.


Marilyn and the whistle may need to be separated, they realise.

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Thursday, May 27: Jai is having a good time.

Dean’s competition is something he’s looking forwards to seeing.

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The winners will be revealed on Thursday, May 27.


The top female competitor is Ziggy.

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Thursday, May 27: Dean has cause to rejoice as well.

He’s the competition’s best individual.

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Thursday, May 27: Ziggy and Dean have a get-together.

The contest’s winners are the former pair.

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Thursday, May 27: Tane and Amber keep an eye on things.

They ponder their partners’ achievements.

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Wednesday, May 27th: Tane is concerned after Amber makes a comment.

She remarks on Dean and Ziggy’s closeness. Amber seems to be having more doubts than ever about her future with Dean.

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Wednesday, May 27th: Amber seeks to be positive about Dean’s accomplishments.

She proposes that the two of them compete in surf contests together.

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Thursday, May 27: Dean dismisses the notion.

He doesn’t seem to want to compete with Amber.

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Amber is dissatisfied on Thursday, May 27.

It’s yet another indication that their relationship might be in danger.

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Thursday, May 27: Irene has a difficult job ahead of her.

She’ll have to spend the day overcoming Gus, the owner of a hardware store who wants to sue the Surf Club.

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Gus spends the day being obnoxious on Thursday, May 27.

Irene is underwhelmed.

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Irene’s composure is put to the test on Thursday, May 27.

She’ll have to tell Gus what she really thinks of him before long.

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Thursday, May 27: Leah discovers Justin in distress.

Since double-dosing on his medicine, he is unable to compete in the surf competition.

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Wednesday, May 27th: Justin is a source of concern for Leah.

She seeks to persuade him to go to the hospital.

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Thursday, May 27: Justin becomes agitated.

In the midst of Leah’s worry, he becomes irritated and yells at her.

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Tori speaks with Christian on Friday, May 28.

The topic shifts to Lewis, who has admitted to attempting to murder Christian as well as killing three patients.

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Christian makes an unexpected remark on Friday, May 28.

Despite this, he acknowledges that he sees Lewis as a survivor as well.

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Tori is taken aback on Friday, May 28.

She can’t believe Christian can be so forgiving of Lewis’ behaviour.

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Christian attempts to justify how he feels on Friday, May 28.

He’s clearly changed as a result of his near-death experience.

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