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Home and Away teases huge death storyline – who dies, Mackenzie, Justin, Leah or Susie?


Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Australian version of Home and Away.

It doesn’t seem like it’s been long since the Bay was rocked by the unexpected discovery of Bella’s (Courtney Miller) father, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), after Colby (Tim Franklin) buried him in a shallow grave.

However, in upcoming moments on Home and Away for Australian viewers, another body will be uncovered.

The body will be familiar to individuals at home, according to Australian news sites, and it is one of four people: Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Justin (James Stewart), Susie (Bridie Carter), or Mackenzie (Emily Weir).


So who is living out their final weeks in Home and Away, and how did they die? Here are our top theories.

Is it Leah?

In the last few years, Leah has been through a lot. She sent her son VJ (Matthew Little) to Cyprus to protect infant Luc from Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) deranged son Mick (Kristian Schmid), and she was kidnapped and held captive for six weeks by Douglas (Adam Booth).

Her obsession with watching fraud forums to obtain clues on Susie, the con artist who stole her entire life savings, has also become more prominent in recent episodes. This suggests that there are a number of persons who could be responsible for Leah’s death.


Could Mick be on his way back, looking for baby Luc, and take out his frustrations on Leah? Perhaps Douglas has managed to elude capture or has enlisted the help of one of his pals to exact vengeance on his behalf on the outside.

Susie, on the other hand, is no stranger to criminal activity, having attempted to poison Irene and barely escaping after knocking her out with chloroform. Will you be able to

Leah ultimately confronts the lady who took all of her money, only to meet an unfortunate demise?

Alternatively, it’s possible that Leah has been letting her guard down on the fraud forum, and someone has figured out where she is. Perhaps one of her Susie’s “leads” is actually a scheme to kill her? Because it’s the Bay, anything can happen!


Is it Justin?

With his increasing reliance on drugs as a result of his persistent back pain and spinal surgery, Justin has been in perilous seas recently. It’s possible that Justin’s death will be unintentional, as he may have overdosed on his medicines.

Another possibility is that Justin is involved in a surfing accident. Perhaps his back seized up after a typical surf and he drowned, as the body was described as ‘washing up’ in the Bay?

A possible Justin death could be the result of something more nefarious. Those who have followed the drama for a long time will be aware that the Morgans have a shady past. They originally relocated to the Bay as part of their witness protection programme.

In previous episodes, Brody (Jackson Heywood), Mason (Orpheus Pledger), Tori (Penny McNamee), and Justin were pursued by a cocaine cartel. Could the members, after having been sentenced to prison, have been released to cause more havoc in the Morgans’ lives?

Is it Susie?


For many fans who are up to date on current storylines, Susie may seem like an easy pick. There’s no doubting that she’s a crook who’s always on the run after damaging people’s lives, so the con artist will have a slew of enemies who won’t hesitate to hold her accountable.

If Susie were to be discovered dead, it would appear that she had been killed. Only one question remains: who did it? While John is regarded for being a gentle person, he had an especially intense encounter with Susie when she feigned to be in love with him. Could he have wrath boiling inside him that leads to murder now that the entire Bay knows what happened and he feels like a naïve fool?

Justin and Leah are the two apparent suspects, however Leah appears unlikely to do the crime. Due to his painkiller addiction, Justin has become increasingly unreasonable recently, with future spoilers for UK fans indicating that he fires Ziggy from the business after a tantrum. Is it possible that if he sees Susie, he will be overcome by his rage in the worst way conceivable?

Stephen, the newcomer who has arrived in the Bay to assist Leah in her search for Susie, is another potential murderer. We have no idea what he’s made of; he appears benign now, but Susie shattered his life and marriage.

Could he be waiting for the right opportunity to make sure Susie never damages him – or anyone else?

Is it Mackenzie?

Mackenzie has gone through a lot in the last few weeks. She not only had a breakup with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), but he also ended up in a coma for a while, then she found out she was pregnant and lost the baby – all while having to watch Ari rekindle his relationship with his old lover Mia (Anna Sampson).

Mackenzie goes missing after making a fool of herself at a Parata family cookout, according to upcoming UK spoilers. Is she going to injure herself or overdose on alcohol on purpose? Mackenzie’s sentiments of bereavement and loss may unfortunately come to a head in this way.

It’s also possible that the death was unintentional. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is looking for his sister after Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) kicked her out for making a move on Tane, according to recent UK developments (Ethan Browne). He finds her in a motel room, very inebriated. Could her overdose be an accident, given that she has been drinking since the breakup and has been acting recklessly for weeks?

Mackenzie engages in a run of one-night stands to distract herself from her sentiments in upcoming episodes for UK fans. When several of the men keep returning to the Pier Apartment where Dean’s sister is now staying, Dean tries to interfere, warning them to back off.

Could one of these strange men be criminals who end up killing Mack?

Only time will tell!

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