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Home and Away’s Alf Stewart left furious after concern from John Palmer


Alf Stewart from Home and Away will be incensed when he rejects John Palmer’s attempts to help him with his hearing problems.

In upcoming scenes, the Australian soap opera will carry on its plot with Alf, who has been experiencing hearing difficulties.

Alf will have several strange accidents, and John will start to think that Alf’s hearing is the issue. John, who has been seeing Irene lately, is worried and will move to try to get Alf some assistance.

Together with Alf, John organises a “extraordinary general meeting” at the surf club. But when nobody else shows up for this alleged meeting save him and Alf, Alf recognises the joke right away.


Enraged, Alf tries to silence John, but John doesn’t give up and tries to talk to Alf since he senses something isn’t quite right. John follows up with a series of questions to find out if Alf has been having trouble hearing.

Regardless of how well-intentioned John’s enquiry may be, Alf doesn’t take it well. The talk comes to an abrupt end when Alf becomes enraged and orders John to be quiet and out of his affairs.

John’s attempts to assist Alf will not succeed, leaving him feeling disheartened and devastated. As the narrative progresses, Alf appears to be denying what is happening to his hearing.

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