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Home and Away’s Mackenzie fools Levi’s wife in new affair twist


Next week, Mackenzie Booth from Home and Away takes a chance when she introduces herself to Levi Fowler’s wife Imogen.

Mackenzie finds herself at Summer Bay unexpectedly with Imogen, and she can’t help but seize the chance to learn more about her romantic rival.

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Imogen is invited to the Bay by Levi’s sister Eden, who thinks she’s being kind to the couple.

Levi becomes extremely anxious, thinking that if Imogen becomes too near for comfort, his covert relationship with Mac will be revealed.


Imogen shows up, and soon after, Levi’s worst dread comes true as she and Eden arrange to visit Salt – Mac’s workplace.

In an attempt to get Mac to heed the warning and become less visible over the next few days, Levi surreptitiously texts her.

Sadly for Levi, Mac obviously thinks differently. She can’t help but approach Eden and Imogen when she sees them outside the Surf Club and invites them upstairs for coffee on the house.

Although Mac is obviously playing with fire, he can’t pass up the chance to learn more about Imogen.


When Eden reveals that Mac was once one of Levi’s patients, things become even more awkward. Despite knowing she definitely shouldn’t, Mac takes a seat to elaborate on the situation for Imogen.

When Levi walks into Salt and sees his wife, sister, and secret boyfriend all enjoying coffee together, he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

When Levi has some alone time at her house, he accuses Mac of being a game player and wonders if she’s out to get him.

Mac is upset with Levi for his remarks, so she tells him to leave her home and return to his wife. This time, has Levi pushed Mac too far?


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