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Home and Away returns for three characters in 15 spoiler pictures


For the wedding of Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson, three well-known figures will reappear on Channel 5’s Home and Away the following week.

Further worries are raised elsewhere by Tane Parata’s behavior of disappearing with infant Maia.

Monday, May 27: Dana makes a last-ditch effort to get in touch with Tane, who vanished along with baby Maia.

May 27, Monday: Harper challenges Dana
She finds it shocking that Tane was given the go-ahead to carry out the kidnapping because Dana allowed him to visit Maia at the hospital.


May 27, Monday: Dana is aware of her serious mistake.
But Harper’s severe assessment is difficult to accept.

Monday, May 27: Mac and Levi have a conversation.
They got into a fight last week when Mac introduced herself to Imogen.

Monday, May 27: Mac issues an apology
She acknowledges that all she really wanted to know was more about the lady Levi returns home to.

May 27, Monday: Levi reassures Mac that she doesn’t need to worry. Will Mac find this sufficient?


Tuesday, May 28: There is a problem for Dana.
She received a message from Tane, who assured her that Maia is okay but asked her to stop calling.

On Tuesday, May 28, Dana makes a significant choice.
She decides to share Tane’s message with Rose.

Tuesday, May 28: A treat is given to Leah.
Arriving for a pre-wedding celebration are Marilyn and Irene.

Tuesday, May 28: Leah indulges in a pampering session
Her closest pals are with her.


Tuesday, May 28: Leah adopts a positive attitude
She is having a great time with her pals.

Tuesday, May 28: Marilyn and Irene are concerned about Leah.
They can see she’s stressed about the nuptials.

May 28, Tuesday: Leah expresses her worries
She fears that Justin is keeping her in the dark about the problems that are occurring with the wedding preparations.

Wednesday, May 29: The wedding day of Leah and Justin arrives
The bridal carriage arrives for the event.

On Wednesday, May 29, Alf and Leah go.
One of Leah’s best pals is standing at her side.

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