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Home and Away to air emotional family scenes for Mali Hudson


The upcoming episode of Home and Away will have poignant sequences featuring Mali Hudson, as his first encounter with his family, Rose Delaney, doesn’t exactly go as planned.

This week, UK viewers will witness Mali scrambling to arrange Rose’s introduction to his mother, Vicky, and sister, Elandra, following Vicky’s discovery of a Rose photo on Mali’s social media and subsequent interrogation of him over the unidentified woman.

Scenes from the upcoming episode of Channel 5 in the UK will include Rose feeling apprehensive about meeting Mali’s mother for the first time at such short notice.

There’s tension in the air from the moment the two meet face to face. However, as Elandra quickly makes clear to Mali, their mother is displeased with Mali for keeping the connection a secret even though she is pleased to meet Rose.


Vicky quickly warms up to Rose, but she and Elandra rush to the car when Vicky asks what Rose does for a living and learns that Rose is a police officer. Mali tries to dissuade them from going, but it’s obvious that Vicky is suddenly against it.

Then, Elandra tries to mediate a settlement between Mali and their mother. She also confides in Rose, telling her and Mali’s family doesn’t trust the police because their brother was wrongfully targeted by them in the past.

Vicky expresses her views to Mali later on, saying that although she would prefer it if Rose had a different profession, her main grievance is with Mali’s deceitful omission, which has deeply wounded her.

Mali tells his mother that he is in love with Rose and that his only concern is for his family to accept her.


Will this be a turning moment in their relationship when Vicky eventually reaches out to her son’s girlfriend?

The character of Mali, played by actor Kyle Shilling, discussed earlier this year the significance of presenting this narrative on screen, recalling how difficult it was for Mali to accept Rose’s profession when they first started dating because of how the police have handled Indigenous people.

At the time, he stated, “Mali’s been through so much that he doesn’t know how to trust her—it’s a tough one for him to navigate.” “It’s a really important thing to show on screen because it’s an example of what it can be like here in Australia with the Indigenous community—there’s a lot of police brutality.”

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