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Home and Away reveals new direction for Kirby Aramoana after Lyrik rows


After her arguments with her Lyrik bandmates, Kirby Aramoana will take a different turn with Home and Away.

Kirby will rant to Mac and Xander about Theo Poulos’s treatment of her following his accusation that she was attempting to get all the attention in the band for herself. But a strange phone call will divert her attention.

Subsequently, Kirby tells Mac that the caller was a huge talent agent representative, and he wants to meet her. The issue is that the agent just wants to see Kirby and talk about her future; he isn’t interested in meeting Lyrik.

She attends the meeting because her curiosity wins out. Forrest Duke, a well-known solo artist manager, is identified as the agent, and he quickly informs her that he wants to sign her.


Kirby will have to make a significant choice about her future in the band because Forrest only works with solo acts.

Kirby decides to give it some thought and calls Forrest again to enquire further about what her future on her own would entail.

As this is going on, Remi and Justin will become closer while listening to Lyrik’s CD, and the band is getting requests for interviews.

However, Kirby won’t be present at all. Later on, after learning exactly who Kirby has been communicating with, Justin will give Remi a call for an urgent band meeting.


Is this the band’s last song?

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