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Home and Away to air change for Marilyn and Roo in 2024 scenes


Future sequences on Home and Away with Roo Stewart and Marilyn Chambers will be aired for UK viewers.

Since Roo was released from the hospital, the lifelong friends have been at odds. She accuses Marilyn of causing the explosion that she was prominently witnessing, which was triggered by the dubious cosmetics firm Stunning Organics.

Roo learns that Alf is coming back to the Bay in scenes that will premiere in the new year. Anxious that her dad still doesn’t know her pal moved out, she tells Marilyn to come home.

When Roo insists that Marilyn pretend to convince Alf that she moved out on her own, Marilyn is taken aback. In the end, she defends herself by saying it’s unjust that she keeps lying about their tumultuous friendship.


Later, after Irene’s recent arrest, Marilyn offers her support. In return, Irene informs Roo that she thinks Marilyn’s treatment was inappropriate, particularly in light of the recent murders of Justin and Leah.

Unexpectedly, Irene’s remarks have a big impact on Roo, making her acknowledge that she needed someone to get even with after getting hurt.

She then acknowledges that, given her lack of interest in paying Roo a visit while she was in the hospital, Marilyn was an obvious candidate for a punching bag.

Marilyn apologises as well and acknowledges that she felt bad following the incident. It appears that the friends have worked things out because Roo has asked Marilyn to move back in. Does this mean that the two have a fresh chapter to write?


Georgie Parker, who plays Roo, recently expressed her happiness with the stories this year for her characters. She told Australia’s TV Week, “I’m very happy with what the writers have managed to give Roo.”

“She’s lived a big life, and I’ve been able to interact with different characters this year, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.”

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