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Home and Away to air a shocking shooting storyline


A new teaser for Home and Away has revealed that a tragic shooting plot will soon be revealed.

The eerie video below shows a blurry man strolling along the beach while toting a big black case, along with the warning that there’s “a stranger in the Bay”.

After that, the teaser transitions to frantic scenes of Summer Bay locals running for their life while Alf Stewart yells for everyone nearby to enter the Surf Club.

He can be heard on the phone saying, “I need an ambulance and police to Summer Bay.”


As soon as the police arrive, they launch a big manhunt for the gunman across the beach, breaking out scenes from the soap opera that show several of the most well-known characters running for their lives.

Viewers are asked by the narrator, “Who will make it?”

Mackenzie Booth, Cash Newman, Remi Carter, Dana Matheson, and even recently married Leah Patterson are among the people who might be in risk; however, there’s a chance that more people will become victims of this enigmatic gunman.

As Tane Parata gets ready for his court appearance about baby Maia, Felicity Newman calls him to inform him about the shooting in the final scene of the enigmatic film.


“There’s been a shooting, and whoever’s done it hasn’t been found yet,” Felicity says.

After that, Tane is shown pursuing a potential suspect, even though it looks like he’s putting himself in the gunman’s direct line of fire.

It’s unclear how the shooting would connect to Stevie Marlow’s stalker narrative, in which viewers have witnessed her repeatedly threatened by a fervent fan.

These sequences will be aired in the UK later this year, and viewers in Australia can watch them next week.


The past few weeks in Summer Bay have been thrilling, and there is still more to look forward to at a UK pace. Some well-known figures will be there at Justin Morgan and Leah’s much-anticipated wedding.

In other scenes from the Bay that will show in the UK next week, Tane will worry his loved ones as he flees with Maia.

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