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Home And Away Tex’s real identity ‘exposed’ – killer, Paratas link and Rose betrayal


Tex Wheeler, a newcomer to Home And Away, has quickly won over the hearts of viewers.

Lucas Linehan’s portrayal of the role brought him to Summer Bay earlier this year after he answered a job posting at the Diner.

Fans of the Channel 5 soap opera believe Tex’s charm may be a facade and that he is hiding something.

And it appears like the plot will continue to develop in forthcoming episodes.


In one episode of Down Under, Tex can be seen working out in the gym and sneaking a peek around the office.

He appears to focus his attention on a photograph of Mia (Anna May Samson) and the recently deceased Ari Parata (Rob Kipa Williams) for no apparent reason.

One individual identifies Tex as the “sergeant in arms” when he arrives in another scene inside a warehouse packed of leather-clad bikers.

Uncertain of what will happen next, viewers are worried that Summer Bay residents may be in danger.


Tex has been getting close to Rose (Kirsty Marillier), and their relationship appears to be flourishing.

Due to the fact that Rose is a policewoman, some supporters are wary.

A tweet stated: “Is he merely a supporter of the attire? Or does he have an other agenda?”

A different supporter wrote on Twitter that “becoming cosy with the neighbourhood cop is his way of making sure he is well-connected and informed before things turn nasty.”


The audience is certain it has to do with the Paratas.

Some believe Tex isn’t as interested in Rose as he seems to be.

Everyone is certain that Tex is a member of the gang.

Additionally, it appears that the motorcyclists are searching for cash related to a heist that Ari may have committed.

A follower tweeted: “I think I know who this awful Tex guy is. He almost certainly has something to do with what the Paratas, Mia, or Chloe have done.”

Even Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) forthcoming leaving storyline may be connected to Tex’s role, according to speculation.


Concerns about Rose

Tex made reference to Rose when he told the group that he had the neighbourhood cop on his side.

People worry that she might get into trouble as a result.

Rose is playing with fire, a Facebook user warned.

They continued: “If he doesn’t tell her, he will lose her since he will assist them in recovering their lost funds. The warning Xavier is giving her is sound; Rose hardly knows him.”

Some believe Tex might possibly be a murderer.
Tex “had problems written all over him,” according to a tweet.

“Anyone who is that evasive about his past and what he does is a criminal,” they further stated.

Another worried viewer remarked, “Tex is a serial killer isn’t he or a criminal,” adding, “I didn’t like the way he stared at Tane.”

One more added, “Tex looks like a bad’un.”

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