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Home and Away spoilers: Will Felicity Newman’s latest idea ROCK or FLOP?



As Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) organises a band night to relaunch Salt in Home and Away, she encounters some challenges.

Felicity is eager to get started implementing her ideas to boost sales at the Summer Bay bar and restaurant now that she is a formal co-owner of Salt.

At initially, Felicity’s business partner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Booth) was reluctant to shake things up too much and essentially stopped her co-owner from coming up with any ideas.

But when the co-owners got into a fight, Mac was offered some sobering advice by her brother Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor).


After considering his advice, Mac made the decision to be more adaptable and informed Felicity that she is willing to hear her thoughts.

But when Felicity brought Mac to the Parata home and introduced her to Bob (Rob Mallett), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Remi (Adam Rowland), and Kirby (Angelina Thomson), aka rock band Lyrik, and suggested that they play a gig to make the relaunch of Salt go off with a bang, Mac was left bristling once more.

Mac, on the other hand, believes that Salt’s clientele is too affluent for that, thus it won’t appeal to them.

However, when Felicity explains that Salt’s patrons aren’t bringing in enough money and that they need to increase the bar and restaurant’s appeal, Mackenzie decides to give it a shot.


Felicity is thrilled!


Dean is impressed by his sister’s transformation when he learns that Mackenzie is relinquishing control and placing some trust in Felicity.

However, Felicity has her first difficulty as Mac comes around to the idea and puts up posters all around the Bay.

Bob, the lead vocalist for Lyrik, declines to perform a free show. He thinks it’s beneath them to perform a charity show for their friend in a small beach town after months on the road and rising to the top.


Felicity is shocked when the other band members don’t disagree because the gig is scheduled for the same night. The performance appears to be cancelled…

Felicity panics because Mackenzie believes she can pull this off. How will she make it right?


When Kirby inquires as to why Bob has the final say, a minor uprising begins to take root in Lyric.

They could vote on whether or not to accept the job.

Later, Felicity is relieved to see them arrive with their musical instruments since she is unsure of how to inform Mac that Lyrik has declined to play the gig.

The programme has resumed!


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