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Home and Away teases new Felicity and Tane passion in 18 spoiler pictures


Felicity Newman and Tane Parata on Channel 5’s Home and Away next week feel uncomfortable after giving in to their emotions once more.

Alf Stewart makes a modification at the Surf Club somewhere because its finances are still a source of worry.

March 19, a Tuesday: Someone fresh shows up in Summer Bay
In the role of Valerie Beaumont is Courtney Clarke.

Tuesday, March 19: Leah’s connection to Valerie is made public
When Leah worked at the clinic, the two shared a room.


Tuesday, March 19: Leah and Valerie catch up.
When she finds out that Leah and Justin are not getting along, she is taken aback.

March 19, Tuesday: Leah is on the defence
She doesn’t think she’s ready to resume their relationship with Justin.

Tuesday, March 19: Leah is inspired by Valerie.
Leah ought to invite Justin to join them for supper later, in her opinion.

March 20, Wednesday: Tane comes back to the Bay
He took a few days off to clear his brain.


March 20, Wednesday: Tane runs into Felicity
After their breakup, there is still unresolved business between the former couple.

March 20, Wednesday: Felicity inquires about the trip’s outcome.
The ex-couple tries to maintain good relations.

Wednesday, March 20: Tane and Harper work out
The two are attempting to resume their friendship.

Wednesday, March 20: The training session is enjoyable for Tane.
His relationship with Harper is turning out to be a nice diversion.


March 20, Wednesday: Dana keeps an eye on
She finds Harper and Tane’s relationship amusing.

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