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Home and Away Tane star’s life – hidden talents, secret engineering career and bond with daughter


Fans of Home and Away will recognise him as heartthrob Tane Parata, but what is actor Ethan Browne’s life like outside of Summer Bay?

Tane, a 30-year-old New Zealander, joined his on-screen brother Ari Parata and nephew Nikau as the soap’s new Mori family in February 2020.

A dramatic impending plot will see the character’s life hang in the balance following a stabbing, but fortunately, actor Ethan’s actual life is a quieter affair, albeit with some twists and turns befitting of a soap tale.

Here’s all we know about the actor, from his secret talents in music and martial arts to a major career move.


Being a teen father

Ethan gave birth to his daughter Aaylah when he was 16 years old, and he frequently posts romantic photos of the two on his Instagram page.

“Everything I do is for you, and I will forever love and protect you,” the actor captioned a photo of him holding his daughter at the aquarium on her 13th birthday.

Due to the pandemic, Ethan went almost a year without seeing Aaylah in person, and he shared an emotional video of their reunion.

“This is a moment I’ve long imagined and fantasised about. “I can’t express how difficult this stretch has been,” the actor tweeted next to a video of him cuddling his kid.


Ethan’s family is very important to him, and he frequently displays his affection for his siblings on Instagram.

Due to Covid limitations, he was unable to fly back to New Zealand to attend his sister’s wedding in 2020, but he made sure to watch the entire event via FaceTime.

Music adoration

Ethan isn’t only an actor; he also plays multiple instruments and once contemplated pursuing a career in music after growing up in a musical family.

Ethan began playing the guitar and drums at the age of 13 and was a part of various bands throughout high school.


Ethan may have chosen acting over music, but music remains a part of his life, as evidenced by his Instagram posts of drumming sessions.

Talent in martial arts

When Ethan was younger, he enjoyed watching movies, but they didn’t simply inspire him to want to be an actor; his favourite genre also led to his interest in martial arts.

Ethan earned his black belt in karate and taekwondo after putting in practise play-wrestling with his brothers in the back garden.

He continues to dabble in numerous martial arts techniques, posting regular updates on his Instagram feed following training sessions.

Various career options

As if Ethan didn’t have enough going for him already, he has a hidden skill that almost led him to a completely different career path.

Despite having a childhood passion of being an actor, Ethan said that it was tough to pursue his ambitions in Wairoa, which was “dominated by rugby culture.”


He told the Daily Telegraph, “I wanted to do [acting] in high school but it was looked upon by the males, that sort of culture, it wasn’t the tough masculine thing to do.”

After having his daughter at an early age, Ethan’s goals evolved, and he went on to study civil engineering so that he could provide for her.

After getting his diploma, Ethan went from New Zealand to Brisbane to work as a civil draughtsman. Unsatisfied with his employment, he decided he wasn’t ready to give up on his ambition and enrolled in acting lessons in his 20s.

After that, he was admitted into Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, and the rest is history.

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