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Home and Away reveals Justin Morgan attack aftermath in 20 spoiler pictures


Your complete photo gallery of what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, May 30.

Monday, May 30th:

After being attacked by Dimitri, Justin is in horrible shape. He is unable to access his phone in order to sound the alarm.

Justin is checked on by Theo and Leah. They’re shocked to discover him in such a horrible state.

Theo is irritated. Despite Dimitri’s history of violence, he never expected his father to assault Justin in this manner.


Leah strives to maintain her composure. She persuades Theo to call for assistance.

The decision is made by Theo. Justin requires immediate medical attention.

Justin’s attack will have far-reaching implications very soon. Theo afterwards decides to go to the police and denounce his father’s abuse.

Rose and Cash talk about her future plans. She’s considering transferring to the Yabbie Creek Police Department.


Rose’s motivations intrigue Cash. He has the impression that Jasmine isn’t her top priority.

Rose is conflicted about the relocation. She doesn’t want to lose Xander, even though she hasn’t had the smoothest start with Jasmine.

Tuesday, May 31st:

Jasmine and Rose battle it out. To assist de-stress the family, Xander has suggested a casual game of volleyball.

Jasmine is in a competitive mood. She wants to outmatch Rose after the previous conflicts.


Rose is equally committed. Jasmine hasn’t been getting along with her.

Xander feels torn between two worlds. He’s beginning to feel bad about suggesting this game.

Things get out of hand. Jasmine hits the ball over the net and onto Rose’s nose by accident.

Rose requires medical assistance. Jasmine is adamant on getting her to the hospital.

Rose gets a very critical call. There is some information about her move to the Yabbie Creek police station.

Xander receives a report from Rose. The transfer was authorised.


Xander is happy. They’ll both be staying in Summer Bay from now on.

Alf is preoccupied with Martha. Martha is getting irritated by his persistent attention.

Martha is coughing, which Roo discovers. Martha’s condition appears to be worse than anyone had anticipated.

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