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Neighbours’ Levi Canning and Freya Wozniak face mishap after steamy reunion


Freya Wozniak and Levi Canning of Neighbours eventually get together after months of anticipation in scenes airing next week.

Despite everything they’ve gone through in the last several months, including all the secrets Freya has kept hidden from Levi, love is finally in the air – but a romantic getaway does not go as planned.

The drama begins when the duo, with the help of Chloe (who breaches the girl code with Freya by becoming involved), are able to get their act together and explain how they truly feel.

With all of their cards on the table, they decide to go for it and swiftly schedule a picnic to spend some time alone. Sandwiches are the last thing on their thoughts, and it doesn’t take long for them to retreat into the bushes to release the months of sexual tension between them.


However, in classic Neighbours fashion, when they emerge and attempt to get dressed, they discover that all of their belongings have been stolen, and they must still return home.

Despite the tragedies that have occurred the last couple of times Freya and Levi have left the relative safety of Ramsay Street, we believe this one can still be considered a success – after all, Levi wasn’t shot this time.

And as a result of their affair, they are soon happier than they have ever been. Is this, however, the beginning of Levi and Freya’s happiness, or is there still more about Freya that we, and Levi, need to learn?

Officer Canning may discover that the only place he can visit his new girlfriend is behind bars as a result of Freya’s prior conduct, with criminal procedures still hanging over her and David’s heads after they left Gareth to die…


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