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Home and Away star’s transformation shocks fans: ‘Looks horrible’


Kawakawa Fox-Reo, a star of Home and Away, recently unveiled an extremely divisive new appearance.

The young actor had blonde hair that he bleached for his role as Nikau Parata in the serial opera.

On Instagram, he recently posted a collection of pictures from his vacation in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Kawakawa demonstrated his new look by posing in front of an outdoor mirror, which is a far cry from his character’s typical jet-black hair.


The actor was shirtless, wearing shorts, black sunglasses, and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

Additionally, he ran across Ryan Panizza, a former Home and Away actor who portrayed Nathan Silva in the gripping plot about an illicit gambling network.

While collaborating on the soap opera, Kawakawa and Ryan became great friends. They also work for the same management company, X Division.

On social media, fans talked about his change and what it might signal for his future in the show.


One person remarked, “I don’t believe blonde really suits him,” while another said, “I don’t like the hair.”

He smokes, and he looks awful. I’m aware that some actors do the same, but I wish they wouldn’t,” third wrote.

“I don’t believe [Home and Away] would redye his hair [back to black] — probably write it in. Another person remarked, “Kawa definitely bleached it because he knew he didn’t need to maintain it black for his job anymore.

Others questioned whether he had permanently left Summer Bay or was just on vacation.


As one fan pointed out, “I know they are on vacation in LA [for] someone’s birthday, but rumour is that Kawa moved there so time will tell.”

His three seasons on the programme are about to expire in January. Another said, “I pray he isn’t already gone.

One person remarked, “Damn, he’s a mystery leaving us wondering yes he’s gone onto better things, or just backpacking around the world for example.

Some fans have proposed intriguing speculations after Courtney Miller (Bella Nixon) was recently seen on camera by viewers in early October.

“Possibly to see [Ziggy’s] infant, and perhaps Nikau accompanies her.

After Bella’s brief stay, it will be intriguing to see if Nikau is still filming “Fan made a guess.


“I think he’s gone, and I think Bella will be with him when he leaves next year. Despite my want for both of them to remain, I adore Nikau and Bella together. Unfortunately, however, that is not how the programme works “another composed.

If it does go that way, it will be a beautiful send-off for them both, a third person concurred.

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