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Home and Away stars respond to latest character exit


This year, Home and Away has already seen some big departures, and more are on the way with another Australian character making their final appearance on TV.

Since very early in 2021, Sam Barrett has been portraying Chloe Anderson in Summer Bay. The character has now said goodbye to her fellow neighbours, therefore her time in the Bay was rather brief in terms of soap operas.

After her final Oz scenes aired, Barrett wrote: “Take care little blossom” on Instagram as a farewell to the character.

In response to the tweet, a few of her co-stars, including legendary actress Lynne McGranger, remarked “Hello, cute. I hope you’re safe and well,” and Jacqui Purvis simply stated, “Missing you,” to get right to the subject “.


Additionally, Matt Evans posted on Instagram regarding her exit from the venerable and soon-to-be solitary Channel 5 serial, saying: “Sammy, bye for now. I miss your eccentricity and good nature at the bay. It was a real pleasure working with you.”

Chloe has played a pivotal role in several significant plots during her time on the soap, and in her final moments, she will depart for a new life in New Zealand after Tane decided that she would be safer there rather than in the Bay.

Ari and Chloe had a lengthy history together, and she didn’t learn about his incarceration until after she came last year.

When Tex showed there, though, that armed robbery came back to haunt her, and it soon became clear that he was there to get Ari on behalf of a vicious biker gang.


It is understandable why Tane would want Chloe out of harm’s way given the trouble he has now gotten himself into with Tex and the gang who want the money they believe is owed to them.

In September, Chloe’s swan song sequences will air in the UK.

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