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Home and Away star Tim Franklin explains Colby Thorne’s Exit From the Show and its Shocking!

Last week, Channel 5 reveals the famous character’s final scenes.

For UK Home and Away spoilers follow.

Home and Away on screen for the UK are the end of an age as Tim Franklin retreats after a three-year stretch in his capacity as a Colby Thorne.

After having been recalled to jail, Colby has a tough decision to shut the door on all future prison visits – he has to break off all ties with his sister Bella.

Viewers later learn out Colby murdered one of the other dogs and tried to show that he was the new dog of the asylum. Colby’s tenure in the show is over with the unexpected turn of the events.

Here, Tim comments on Colby’s time and why he favoured this dramatic departure.

You going to miss Colby playing?

I had the chance in these holy halls to make long-term friends and I will miss it most dearly.” ”

Which tales is your favourite?

“The saga of Ross was up there certainly. Having to play high stakes is still enjoyable and demanding in high action scenes.

What has a cop been playing?

I’m stung, burnt, almost burned, fired up, surprised, taken in the arms. I’m…

Does Colby, after testifying against him as Witness X, feel misled by Willow?

She protects the boys. It was, after all, at the end of the day.

What confronted the authors of this story about the exit?

“The vulnerability is what prisoners depend on. They’re even beheaded on police but he just wants to escape.” “Colby is totally afraid so he must try to conceale.

Do you think the experiences of Colby in prison would turn him as a person? At the end of his long prison, what kind of Colby will come out of prison?

Jail’s got a way to make it a guy, I can guess. But one thing will always remain with him, his love for friends and family. “Well… “I thought you’re seeing a man very struggle.

Now that Colby has her own two feet in Bay, what suggestions does Colby have for Bella?

Will you want Colby not to be killed? Can we look forwards to a return – or an escape from jail?

I’m so sorry that I won’t play Colby, and I accept that his story has to be done, and that I have a burst in order to play all of this.” “It is unlikely in and out of the world of home. Colby will ever return and this storyline sounds as playful. I get a mixture of emotion.

What are you going to take the biggest thing on set from your time?

I have know a lot about my abilities. I feel like now I can walk on a set and I can love it. I’m sure I can do my best and the remembrance that I had of my show time is cherished.

I’m just pleased that I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

How can you summarise your period in five terms on Home and Away?

“Exclusive, insomniable, humorous, sharpening, fellowship.”

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