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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman rushed to hospital on her first date with co-star Patrick O’Connor: ‘He just went white’


The first date Sophie Dillman had with her co-star and boyfriend in real life Patrick O’Connor was not as passionate as she had hoped.

The 29-year-old Home and After actress was taken to the hospital right away after her excruciating endometriosis flared up.

She was forced to sit on the pavement when terrible agony struck as the couple enjoyed burgers at Mary’s in Newtown.


I declared, “I must sit down immediately.” Sophie recalled that “Patrick” said, “Sophie, we’re on King Street, you can’t sit down!”


I called my mother while I was sitting in a laneway and said, “Mum, I’ve got to go to the hospital, it’s so horrible, I don’t have enough painkillers.”


He had never seen anything like that before, the poor guy, and my sister was also offering me advice.

She continued by saying that even though Patrick, 29, “turned white,” he made every effort to support her during the ordeal.


The soap star was in a panic and wasn’t sure what to do, but he vowed to try to aid his love nevertheless.



On the television show Home and Away, the duo portrays Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni.

Before securing their jobs on Home and Away and developing a love relationship, Sophie said that they had originally met in college.


It’s actually really lovely working with Paddy; we did it before we started dating, she remarked. So, initially, we had a wonderful working relationship.


I truly like his work ethic, some of his decisions, and the way he approaches his characters and plots. He has taught me a lot.


She chuckled and responded that the cameras and the scripts would never permit it to be natural when asked whether it makes their character’s kissing sequences a little easier.


Recently, the couple published a journal about their exciting and enjoyable trip to Europe.


They travelled to Greece and shared a number of photos from the island of Mykonos on Instagram while there.

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