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Home and Away character to share pregnancy news in emotional scenes


“This wasn’t in the plan,” she said.

Ziggy Astoni from Home and Away will reveal her unexpected pregnancy in forthcoming scenes.

In Australia, this week’s episodes had Ziggy discovering she was expecting a child at the worst possible time.

Following her past success in a Summer Bay competition, Ziggy recently appeared on Channel 7 and made the decision to make a significant change in her life by wanting to participate as a professional surfer.


Ziggy made the decision to begin travelling up the coast to compete in various competitions while maintaining the Bay as her home with Dean Thompson, her boyfriend.

In the Australian episode from last Thursday, Ziggy was feeling great after taking first place in another contest. When she got home, she was eager to tell Dean the good news.

Later, Ziggy went surfing in the Bay for fun, and when she came back to the shore, she was wobbly.

Bree Cameron, a recent medical graduate, was there to make sure Ziggy was okay. She questioned Ziggy about the possibility of being pregnant in an effort to find a probable explanation.


When Ziggy got home, she decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. She was startled when the test result was positive after a nervous wait.

The producers of Home and Away have just dropped a brand-new trailer (see it above), which depicts the events that follow the cliffhanger as Ziggy struggles with how to tell Dean the truth.

In order to wait for the proper time to inform Dean, Ziggy first keeps the pregnancy test results a secret.

She is heard stating, “On the one hand, there’s this great fantasy,” in a voiceover. A fantastic opportunity, my dream. On the other hand, despite this barrier, it might still be fantastic.


This wasn’t in the original idea, after all. It did not even register on my radar.

Dean soon realises that Ziggy is thinking about something and encourages her to share it. When Ziggy informs him that she is pregnant, how will he react?

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