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Home and Away star officially confirms death in shooting storyline


The cast of Home and Away, Matt Evans, has formally revealed that a character would die as part of the serial opera’s shooting plot.

The show teased the presence of “a stranger in the Bay” in a preview film, which recently disclosed that there will be shooting in Summer Bay.

Matt, who plays Theo Poulos in the show, assured fans that there will be a death during an appearance on Australia’s The Morning Show.

“All I can say is next week a stranger will come into the Bay and someone will die,” he stated to the camera.


Fans witness a blurry individual on the beach with a black case in the most recent teaser video, and then they see locals running away.

Alf Stewart then says, “I need an ambulance and police to Summer Bay,” and the cops go on the run to find the offender. There are also glimpses of numerous well-known characters running for their lives.

Mackenzie Booth, Cash Newman, Remi Carter, Dana Matheson, and Leah Patterson are among those who might be in danger.

“There’s been a shooting, and whoever’s done it hasn’t been found yet,” Felicity Newman tells her ex Tane Parata over the phone as the video finishes, and he is then seen pursuing the most likely suspect.


The plot might or might not be related to the Stevie Marlow stalker plot, in which the movie star was threatened by a fan who was totally enamored with her.

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