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Home and Away star Matt Evans reveals a beloved character will be killed off the soap series in a matter of days as he issues ominous warning


The long-running soap opera Home and Away will kill off one of its cherished characters, according to performer Matt Evans.

The 26-year-old actor from Channel Seven made a very dramatic statement on The Morning Show on Friday, revealing the plot twist.

The Voice Australia star stated that one unfortunate character’s days are numbered in Summer Bay, but he stayed mum about who precisely will be cut the next week.

Upon being questioned about rumors of a character death by breakfast show presenters Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, Matt delivered his menacing warning while looking straight into the camera.


“All I can say is that someone will die and a stranger will enter the Bay next week,” he said to the domestic audience.

Fans may be saying farewell to any character they love, but since viewers are receiving so few hints at home, it’s uncertain who will be eliminated.

It was revealed a few days ago that Home and Away is preparing for a significant cast shake-up, with new members joining and beloved characters leaving unexpectedly.

As production is scheduled to begin in about five to six months, keen-eyed fans have already been treated to tantalizing glimpses of the drama.


The renowned soap opera Home and Away’s future has been discussed by the news website Back to the Bay.

According to the website, newcomers have been observed on set, and one popular character has been noticeably absent, leading to rumors of her potential departure.

Jacqui Purvis, who has been Felicity Newman’s actress for the previous three years, was last spotted on set in March, according to Back to the Bay.

“It appears that she is departing from the show and has stopped filming. I heard from someone who went to Palm Beach today that she is currently overseas and is unsure of when she will return,” a fan commented on the website.


There’s been no formal confirmation yet.

In other news, Joshua Orpin’s character, a new bad boy, is coming to the Bay, according to Home and Away.

In March, the actor told The Daily Telegraph that fans should be prepared for some tension to arise in the beach town when he arrives.

He disclosed, “I can say that he is a bit of a bad boy who enters the show and causes some trouble among the Summer Bay locals. He seems like one thing on the surface, but I’ve had a lot of fun exploring a great depth to him.”

Joshua’s resume reads “Preacher,” “Love Me,” “Upright,” and “the US superhero series Titans.”

In other roles, Hailey Pinto is anticipated to play Abigail Fowler, the sister of Tristan Gorey’s Levi Fowler and Stephanie Panozzo’s Eden Fowler.


Fans with keen eyes have noticed Hailey recording what looked to be a celebration of Eden and Cash Newman’s engagement (Nicholas Cartwright).

According to the fan group, Hailey’s character should be on TV within the next three months.

Actor Aaron Jeffrey, 53, from New Zealand, will appear in the series as the father of Eden, Levi, and Abigail, James “Jimmy” Fowler.

In addition to his roles in McLeod’s Daughters, Wentworth, and Water Rats, Aaron most recently costarred in the Netflix thriller Pieces of Her with Oscar candidate Toni Collette.

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