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Home and Away star Matt Evans shares personal story behind new song


The singer of Home and Away, Matt Evans, has opened out about the meaning behind his new song, “Sold,” saying that it contains a deeply personal message.

Actor Evans, who plays opposite Theo Poulos, is also a musician. He recently released a new song on Instagram along with a moving note explaining the meaning behind it.

In an Instagram video, the celebrity performed the new song while perched on a rock overlooking a cityscape. The caption said, “SOLD is a song about meeting someone when your heart wasn’t ready.”

“I’ve always felt that having trouble committing is a clue that something isn’t right, or more crucially, that I’m not ready. This is for everyone who thinks they still haven’t discovered their true love x.”


The lyrics contain the phrases “All I wanted was to see you just one more time, I got issues with commitment but I’ll be fine” as well as “I’m sorry I don’t mean to be so cold, it’s just that my heart wasn’t ready to be sold.”

Fans of the celebrity responded well to his new song, with one commenting, “I absolutely love this song. You’re talented and have a fantastic voice. You are very good at what you do, so keep doing it.”

“So beautiful Matt, well done,” was how Evans’ co-star Ada Nicodemou, who plays Theo’s aunt Leah on Home and Away, described the music.

The actor revealed in a 2022 interview that he doesn’t fall in love “very easily” when discussing his personal life.


“I do write a lot of love songs, which is funny because I haven’t had many girlfriends and I don’t really fall in love very easily,” he stated.

After a hard breakup, he released his first official single, “Over It,” last year, and disclosed that his ex-girlfriend “was cool” with the song’s release.

“She knows there is a song about that situation and was cool about it… actually happy about it, which is weird,” he continued. “I thought I should let her know.”

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