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Home and Away’s Jasmine makes a written record of complaints against Tori


Jasmine Delaney of Home and Away has made the strategic decision to take her time undermining Tori Morgan.

In this week’s Australian episodes, Jasmine (Sam Frost) has subtly intensified her hatred for Tori, and nobody knows what she’s up to.

While infant Grace was in the back seat, Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) stole Tori’s automobile during a recent trip to Summer Bay.

Tori was handling something at the side of the road for a little while, so she left Grace alone in the car. Recovering from a stroke, John Palmer had taken a bad tumble while out with his wife Marilyn.


Even though Grace was back with her parents in a matter of hours, Jasmine foolishly tried to report Tori to the police and even sought legal advice.

In the end, this upset Jasmine because the lawyer informed her that she lacked the legal authority to intervene on Grace’s behalf and that Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) had rejected her objections.

Jasmine posted a distorted account of events on an online mother’s forum, claiming to be aware of a mother who was mistreating her child, since she had nowhere else to turn.

Jasmine’s internet acquaintance advised her to document her worries so that the police would be more likely to take them seriously.


After seeing Jasmine’s erratic posts, Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) was appalled and attempted to warn her friend away by pointing out that if she pursued Tori, she might lose access to Grace completely.

Jasmine seemed to concur, but she was later observed compiling a list of grievances and lies about Tori with the intention of using it in the future. Is it just a matter of time till she files more complaints?

Watchers are aware that Jasmine’s actions are a symptom of a larger issue because she is grieving the loss of her companion Robbo, who passed away tragically, and the false pregnancy she experienced. Grace is the last person she believes can connect her to Robbo.

In early August, viewers of Home and Away in the UK will be able to watch these scenes on Channel 5.


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