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Home and Away star hints at his future on show after mass cast departure


A number of previous cast members have recently left Home and Away, which has shocked the programme.

The programme has said goodbye to some of its biggest stars, including Courtney Miller, Sophie Dillman, and Patrick O’Connor. But because they have been a part of the soap opera for a long time, the show has managed to hold onto several of its long-term bookings, such as Emily Symons, Ada Nicodemou, and Georgie Parker.

Yahoo! Lifestyle claims that executives at the Australian soap opera, which airs on Channel 5 in the UK, frequently give new hires a three-year contract. Actors and producers can determine among themselves how long to prolong the deal for the character to stay in Summer Bay as their contract is about to expire.

However, a few of the major stars of the show have ended their roles on the soap opera during the past several years. Consequently, both executives and enthusiasts are uncertain about the program’s prospective destiny after several decades.


The show’s fan favourite, Matt Evans, has now shared his predictions for the future of the programme. Evans, who portrays Theo Poulos on the programme, admitted to Yahoo! Lifestyle that saying goodbye to so many of his soap opera pals was a difficult moment.

“There’s so many people who would come and go on the show, so it’s kind of like high school,” he admitted. “If I was to finish, it would be like when you finish high school and you’ve got to say goodbye to everyone.”

Matt also disclosed that the crew and cast frequently throw a little party to send out a departing cast member in style. In addition, fans give the actor a heartfelt speech expressing gratitude for their efforts on the serial opera.

Though Matt recalled past events, he described them as “really sad” at the same time as adding that “it’s really exciting” when a new participant joins the project. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster, with people coming and going, and you’ve just gotta keep navigating your relationships around that.”


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