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Huge Question that arises after this week’s episodes of Home and Away

Home and Away screened a busy week of episodes on Australian screens, with Susie’s true colours revealed and two characters returning to Summer Bay.

Meanwhile, there have been sad scenes for the Stewart family as Martha’s mental health has reached a point of crisis.

Here are seven big questions that have been left to us after the most recent Australian episodes.

1. What is Susie up to?


John Palmer can rarely catch a break, so it’s no wonder that his shining new romance is too good to be true. Things appeared to be looking for John when the beautiful newcomer Susie took an interest in him, but now we’ve learned that she has a major ulterior motive.

When John popped out and left Susie in his house for a while, she hurled shamelessly through his financial records – apparently to figure out how wealthy he was. Susie had moved to John’s home before long, suggesting that they should spend the night together for the first time.


It’s evident that Susie is not nice at all – and Shane Withington, who plays John, has promised “a terrific run” as their plot intensifies.

2. Could Justin and Leah become Susie’s targets?

Justin and Leah took some time out to consider their future this week and agreed they would like to purchase a house together. After Tori and Christian’s commitment left them with food for thought about their own relationship, they made this decision.

As Justin and Leah set out to begin their quest, they were intrigued to meet – uh, oh – real estate agent Susie for the first time. Viewers know they’re supposed to be steering clear of her, but are they going straight to trouble as Summer Bay’s new scout makes her mark?

3. Can Bella ever forgive Willow?

The comeback fans were hoping to finally air this week, as Willow returned to Summer Bay for the first time since she testified against Colby at the trial. This gave Willow the opportunity to unveil the full storey behind her “Witness X” decision for the first time.

Bella was not won over as Willow insisted that she defend her family by sacrificing Colby. However, Dean saw the significance of Willow’s logic and made a major decision to forgive her.

After watching her whole life fall apart after Willow’s deception, it seems like forgiveness is going to be a much longer path for Bella. Will Willow ever make amends and get their split family unit back together?

4. Are Dean’s dark times over?

Dean has had a rough time for a couple of months – coping with Colby’s incarceration, his separation from Ziggy, Willow’s deception, and Amber’s disappearance with their son Jai. However, this week’s episodes saw Amber making a comeback after Willow persuaded her to give Dean another chance.

Much to Dean’s surprise, a much calmer Amber hinted that she no longer thought it was the right decision to cut him off from Jai.

After finding some assurance that they could get things back on track, Amber vowed that she would soon be back in touch to discuss Dean’s access to her child. Is this the optimistic turning point the Dean needs?

5. Is it all over for Mackenzie and Ari?

Mackenzie and Ari returned from a trip away this week, both enjoyed to avoid the stresses of Mia and Chloe’s arrival in the Bay. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before things turned sour again.

As Mac and Ari enjoyed a cosy time together at Parata’s place, and Mia walked in, Ari jumped off his girlfriend. This unexpected reaction puzzled Mac, who was wondering what he had to feel bad for.


Mac felt like she was back in square one, uncertain of what the future holds for her and Ari now that his family is back in the Bay.


Mac’s worst fears were soon realised as Ari confirmed that he needed some space from her to clear his head. Is this the beginning of the end for their relationship?

6. When will Christian discover Lewis’s grudge?

Working life at the Northern Districts Hospital has been far from harmonious since Lewis became a new employee. Things turned hot as Christian prepared to work on a patient after taking a drink of alcohol at his engagement party earlier that day.

On this violation of the rules, Lewis confronted Christian and pressured him to step down. Christian blamed his new nemesis when the patient died later – convinced that he could have stopped it if he had been allowed to operate.

Tori was put in the uncomfortable position of having to settle the conflict, so Jasmine filled her with how Lewis secretly blamed Christian for the death of his partner Anna.

7. When will Martha get the help she needs?

Martha’s mental health has taken a sad turn for the worse since Kieran’s dramatic exit from Summer Bay. As Martha tried to process upheavals, she became persuaded that close family members including Alf and Roo were out to get her.

Martha also began to see Kieran’s dreams across the Bay and remained utterly unaware that he wasn’t actually there.

While both Alf and Roo are concerned about how Martha is doing, they currently have no idea of the magnitude of her problems. How long is it going to take before Martha gets the support she so badly needs?

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