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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth pursues affair with Levi Fowler


Mackenzie Booth from Home and Away will make a significant choice the next week: she will decide to keep having an affair with her doctor, Levi Fowler.

Over the past few weeks, the two have been experiencing an increasingly intense romantic bond since Levi rescued Mac’s life after a serious health scare. But Mac is perplexed by some evasive behaviour on Levi’s part, and she is appalled to learn later this week that he is married.

Levi concedes that he’s not unhappy in his marriage to wife Imogen after Mac presses him for details, but he also can’t get Mackenzie off his mind, so the two decide to spend the night together.

In scenes that will premiere on Channel 5 in the UK on Monday, March 25, Mac begins to question whether she should stay in a relationship with Levi.


He sneaks out to the restroom to answer a call from his wife when the two are staying at Levi’s hotel together. Mac quickly leaves the hotel, unable to bear to be the ‘other lady’ in this position.

As they make their way back home, she confides in Mali Hudson that Levi appears to be devoted to his marriage and answers Imogen’s calls right away.

As soon as possible, Levi shows up to visit Mac and says he doesn’t want their romance to end. Mackenzie, however, informs him that she’s made it very clear that twice would be an affair and once was a mistake.

They thus spend the night apart, hoping that the other would get in touch, but neither of them can bring himself to pick up the phone. Apparently having made up her mind to end things, Mackenzie shows up at Levi’s hotel the following morning to say goodbye to him.


Levi looks for Mackenzie later in the week, but he can’t find her. Deflated, he makes his way to his car, where Mac is already waiting.

They quickly find themselves back in Levi’s hotel room, undressing each other. They choose to disregard the interruption and carry on with their passion when Levi’s wife Imogen calls again.

However, is Mac doing a grave error by dating a married man?

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