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Home and Away star Anna Samson reveals all on Mia and Ari’s baby storyline


She chastises her for the inconsequential texts and frequent meetups, and she asks Ziggy why she doesn’t simply go get her own life instead of attempting to take hers.

She quickly realises she’s overreacted, but when she tells Dean what happened, she reveals that though she acknowledges there’s nothing romantic going on between him and Ziggy, she knows she’ll never be able to match what they shared.

“You want the family, but you don’t want me,” says the narrator. Dean, I’m not her, and I’ll never be.”

What impact does Mia’s tragic past of losses have on her now?


“I believe the fear is still present, despite the passage of time. I don’t think the wounds that come with losing children ever entirely heal, therefore I don’t believe it’s an easy subject for her to think about, talk about, or make decisions about.”

When Ari suggests that they try for a child, how does Mia react?

“I believe Mia is terrified, frightened, and in agony.” I believe she is dealing with a number of issues at once, which causes her to become anxious and unwilling to speak about them.

“Of course, there’s the aforementioned pain, but she also wants Ari to be happy, so what he wants plays a role.” At that time, there’s a lot of conflict with her.”


Would Mia have contemplated it herself at some point, or had she given up on the thought of growing their family?

“When Mia lost Ari, I believe she had given up on a lot of things.” When he went to prison, she lost the love of her life in her mind.

“I believe she abandoned the idea of being partners after he went, as well as a certain way of living.” She created a new way of life for herself, but now everything has changed once more.”

Mia and Ari are going to have an emotional scene as they reflect on Kauri’s memory box. What was it like filming that?


“It was a long but worthwhile day on set.” The cast and crew give sequences like that a lot of room and respect so that the actors may do their best and most true work.

“Through something like that, Rob and I have each other’s backs. We know when the moments are light and we can have a lot of fun and be funny on set, and when we need the other actor’s help to reach those heavier feelings. Those scenes bring you and your scene partner closer together.”

“I believe they are a close-knit family.” The Parata boys, as well as Mia and Chloe, have a tight and vital bond. I believe that no matter what happens, the family would always endeavour to support one another.

“Every now and then, they’ll pull each other up on anything.” Tane isn’t certain that the two of them should try for a baby since he recalls the agony, but even when they’re yelling at each other, it’s always because they want the other family member to be the best and happiest they can be.”

Mia’s tragic series of losses will definitely hit a nerve with some of the show’s viewers. Have you been aware of this while following her path?

“I’m well aware of it. It’s a crucial plot, in my opinion. Miscarriages affect a large number of women, yet they are rarely spoken publicly. It is far higher than it used to be, but the number of women who have miscarriage is staggering. Not to mention the loss of children when they are still young.


“It’s both an honour and an obligation to portray this storyline. I believe it is for this reason that we write stories: so that people might see their own sorrows and joys reflected back to them and realise they are not alone in the world.”

Would it be more dramatic to explore the prospect that Mia will not be able to become a mother again, or would it be more dramatic to explore the potential that she will not be able to?

“A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B!” If I had to choose, I’d go with more drama since it’s better for me as an actor, but I don’t want to torment my character or the poor audience!”

What are your thoughts on Mia’s introduction to the show? Through her new work at the gym, we’re now seeing her connect with other characters.

“I’m glad she’s found a home since it’s fun to play a local in Summer Bay and the novice at the same time.” In terms of interest, playing the novice all the time has a limit.

“I’d like to be settled, but contentment and happiness are the enemies of drama, so I’d want to throw her a few curveballs!”

Mia’s attempts to contact Mac have failed miserably. Do you believe they’ll ever be friends, or will their shared experience with Ari always prevent them from doing so?

“Well, Emily Weir, who plays Mac, and I are off-screen pals.” We wanted to show the complexities of that for women since we don’t believe women simply despise one another because of a male. We were acutely aware that this was not dynamic enough – to watch two women squabbling over the same ex-boyfriend.

“I think it will always stand in the way, I do. I think it’s too complex for them, especially because there’s pregnancy involved and all sorts. You never know, in Summer Bay your worst enemy could be your bridesmaid before you know it! We’ll have to see – we’ll have to wait and see.”

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