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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou reveals Leah is about to lose everything


Leah is about to lose everything she owns.

Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah Patterson-Baker on Home and Away, has revealed Leah Patterson-reaction Baker’s to learning she had been duped.

Susie McAllister flees Summer Bay with her life savings in this week’s episodes on Channel 5, putting Leah’s dreams in jeopardy.

Leah and her husband Justin Morgan pooled their resources to raise $90,000 for a down payment on a home, which they gave to Susie, posing as a real estate agent.


Susie will now flee with her ill-gotten gains, leaving no trace and giving Leah and Justin no hope of ever getting their money back.

Ada explained to Digital Spy why Leah was having such a bad time: “She feels embarrassed, betrayed, and heartbroken. Many of their hopes and dreams, as well as all of their hard work, have vanished.

They had such a promising future ahead of them, and it was suddenly ripped away from them. As a result, she’s enraged.

She initially feels helpless, but this motivates her to persevere in her quest for Susie. I believe it is simply a way for her to cope with the pain of losing her dreams.


To make matters worse, as tensions escalate in the aftermath of Susie’s exit, both Leah and Justin begin to blame each other.

Leah feels betrayed and sad about it, Ada continued, because Leah and Justin are still on the same page. Justin is her best friend, and her best friend does not share her viewpoints, so it is very unfortunate that they are constantly at odds.

It looks like it’s going to rip them apart – and it could!

Ada confirmed that she always suspected Susie couldn’t be trusted when filming this storyline. Susie met John Palmer earlier in the year and began to charm him for her own gain, setting in motion the story.


Obviously, it was too nice to be true, she said. I think it’s a fantastic tale to tell about John’s character because this happens all the time, where people are conned through the internet.

Leah, too, can’t seem to get a break! It’s depressing. I think it’s great to see Leah happy, and it’s obviously fun to play with her, so I felt bad for her going through it all again.

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