Thursday, June 30, 2022

Home and Away Kieran Baldivis are leaving Summer Bay after shock outbursts

Home and Away Newcomer Kieran Baldivis will be running from Summer Bay on UK screens next week.

Kieran (Rick Donald) flies after revealing his true colours in a showdown with his half-sister Roo Stewart and stepfather Alf.

Viewers know that Kieran is an alcoholic and has a history of violent outbursts that once resulted in his mother, Martha (Belinda Giblin), cutting off ties with him. Now he appears to be sober and reformed, but he continues to drink in secret.

In the coming scenes on Channel 5, Kieran captures Martha and Roo (Georgie Parker) snooping through his caravan to find signs of his drinking.

Kieran uses emotional blackmail to retaliate, to say he’s hurt that his family obviously doesn’t trust him.

Roo remains suspicious, but when Kieran spends time alone with Martha, he manages to talk to her again. In the end, it’s Martha who’s left asking Kieran for forgiveness.

Kieran’s ugly side appears as he later sends Roo a chilling message when they’re alone together, telling her never to come back between him and Martha.

Roo continues his detective work and discovers empty bottles under Kieran’s caravan. She then reported back to Alf (Ray Meagher) revealing that Kieran had threatened her.

Alf doesn’t waste much time until confronting his troubled stepson as they cross the paths of the surf club.

Kieran is becoming defensive and offensive in the face of Alf’s harsh words – and things are starting to escalate out of control as he aggressively launches himself at the Summer Bay stalwart.

Justin Morgan (James Stewart) steps in to get Kieran out of Alf, who decides to call the police on what happened.

The Stewarts are surprised to hear that a warrant for Kieran’s arrest has already been released, but the police are unable to take action as they have already fled the Bay.

How is Martha going to respond when Alf and Roo explain that Kieran has gone?

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