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Home and Away Spoilers – Xander collapses on the beach


This week on the Australian television show Home and Away, Xander pushes himself too far due to his survivor guilt over Jamie, which has terrible results. Additionally, Bree faces social awkwardness while Remi and Lyrik celebrate.

Only a week after leaving the hospital, Xander (Luke Van Os) runs the risk of delaying his recuperation by disobeying instructions to take it easy.

Since the heist on his ambulance, during which he and his coworker Jamie (Hugo Liu) were viciously attacked, Xander has had a difficult few weeks. Jamie passed away from his wounds right there on the spot, but Xander was sent to the Northern Districts Hospital right away for surgery to repair a burst spleen.

Xander experienced post-operative delirium due to an adverse anaesthesia reaction, necessitating Bree (Juliet Godwin) to sedate him.


A few days later, when Xander was finally awakened, he had to deal with his physical healing as well as survivor guilt upon the discovery of Jamie’s demise.

According to Luke, “Xander deeply mourns Jamie’s passing and shares Jamie’s family’s sorrow.” He wants to do all in his power to ease their pain, but he’s also turning irresponsible.

Rose had first tried to keep the specifics of Jamie’s burial from her brother in an effort to stop him from falling deeper into melancholy, especially after knowing the full depth of how Xander handles the demands of his profession.

After being sent home from the hospital, Xander did some own research and learned that the burial was taking place that exact day. After Rose declined to take him, Xander enlisted Mali (Kyle Shilling) to do so. But ultimately Rose gave in and went with her brother by herself.


When Xander later said that he was quitting his paramedic profession, Rose was astonished but agreed to support him in his choice. But it appears that they are still unable to agree that Xander must prioritise his recovery for the foreseeable future.

Rose is concerned about Xander’s reckless behaviour, especially because he needs to recover, Luke said. They have a few arguments because of her worry over him.

Despite the obvious great hazards involved, Xander is itching to get back into the surf this week. When someone is discharged from the hospital, it’s a common tale we’ve seen in Summer Bay, and it never goes well!

Xander winds up on the beach after disobeying Rose’s advise to take it easy, only to find himself falling in excruciating pain.


Mali seems to be the only person who was aware of Xander’s destination and becomes concerned when he doesn’t come back.

Has Mali arrived too late to save Xander when he runs to the shore to discover him lying in a heap on the sand?

Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Remi (Adam Rowlands) may encounter yet another obstacle in their developing romance now that Lyrik are aiming for the stars elsewhere in Summer Bay.

Following Bree’s terrible ordeal, in which she inadvertently killed her violent husband Jacob (Alex Williams), the two have just recently taken hesitant moves towards reconciling.

The band was forced to take a sabbatical as a result of Remi’s own injuries that Jacob inflicted on him, as well as bandmate Eden’s (Stephanie Panozzo) coma-induced injuries from her car accident. Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Theo (Matt Evans) were compelled to play as a pair to keep things going.

However, now that things are back on track, Remi has been encouraging the band to move forward, and when the group perfected a new song written by Eden, Remi suggested that Lyrik record their debut album.


This week, Bree and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) are also there as the band celebrates the most recent changes in the Lyrik household.

In the preview for tonight’s show, Eden toasts the band while Bree watches, with both wine and shots in hand.

The rest of the party is starting to get into the drinking games as she and Remi attempt to spend some time alone on the couch. It is obvious that they are hoping the pair will join in.

Kirby boasts, “All my best lyrics are about secrets. Things that I wouldn’t normally say, so… Who wants to share?

Bree is eventually pushed to her breaking point and urged to spill as all eyes turn to her. For so long, Bree has had to hide a great deal of pain.

She admonishes them with a strong “Would you just stop.” “Your business is not my life,” I declare.

The next morning, Kirby apologises for what happened as Bree goes to the toilet to collect herself. Bree tells Remi to have fun and she’ll see him soon, but it seems she can’t wait to leave the house quickly enough.

Can Bree handle the band’s ongoing influence in her relationship?

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