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Home and Away spoilers: Kirby discovers Ava’s disturbing secret about Theo


When they learn Ava (Annabel Wolfe) has run off, Justin (James Stewart), Kirby (Angelina Thomson), and Theo (Matt Evans) are in a panic.

Ava is in no man’s land, dressed provocatively, without a phone, and could end herself in terrible danger. While Kirby and Theo mull on how severely wrong their romantic date night has gone, Justin goes looking for her right away.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who has just returned from a trip to Cyprus, cries out to see whether anyone is home as she enters the house. She is surprised to hear sounds coming from Theo’s room, but Theo stays inside. She enters his room and is startled to see Ava standing there acting awkward. Despite her hasty denial that she was hunting for a charger, Leah isn’t quite convinced.

Leah may be suspicious of Ava’s actions, but she is unaware that when Ava got home from Salt, she immediately headed for Theo’s room. She dug around in there, put one of his shirts on, posed in his bed, and took a bunch of selfies, which she then uploaded to her social media accounts. What’s she doing?


The following day, Justin tries to move past his anger towards Ava for staying at home the entire time he was staring at her by taking her out for coffee. When the two ladies are left alone at the table, Kirby tells Ava the truth—her little crush on Theo won’t amount to anything. Kirby and Theo accompany her.

Kirby is astonished by Ava’s level of infatuation when she responds by saying that Kirby’s days as Theo’s girlfriend are numbered.

When they go home, she makes the decision to look into it and searches through Ava’s bag. She discovers a large scrapbook filled with pictures and sketches of Theo, much to her distress. Ava is the I Heart Theo stalker, Kirby realises after putting everything together.

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