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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane snatches baby Maia in dangerous move


This week on Australia’s Home and Away, Tane rescues baby Maia from Northern Districts Hospital in a risky attempt to keep her in his life.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) has always valued his family above all else, having moved to Summer Bay in 2020.

Despite having a strained relationship with his brother Ari (Rob Kipa Williams), Tane moved to Summer Bay when he discovered that his nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) was dependent on Marilyn (Emily Symons) for temporary housing, helping the teen cope with the death of his father Mikaere and his family’s relocation.

After settling the family into their Saxon Avenue home, he started the process of establishing a life in the harbour.


After a few years, Tane is still connected to his whānau and frequently travels back to New Zealand to visit his extended family, even though Ari and Nikau have moved on. In addition, his desire for a family of his own led to the dissolution of his union with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

Tane first told Flick that he could accept her decision to not have children because she had always made it known. It quickly proved to be a deal breaker, though, and Felicity gave in after realising how crucial having a family was to her husband. She consented to try for a child with him, but continued to take birth control pills covertly to give herself more time to think about whether she could truly be a mother.

Tane quickly broke up with Felicity after learning the truth, and it was a betrayal from which there was no turning back.

Tane finally told Felicity that they wouldn’t be getting back together, even though they had been dangerously close to doing so on several occasions. They were just taking separate routes in life.


Just months after having children destroyed his marriage, Tane found an abandoned infant concealed among the sand dunes in a sports bag while strolling along the beach, seemingly due to supernatural intervention.

Tane was furious that someone could leave their own child behind while the infant was taken to the hospital. He made it apparent to everyone around him that taking care of a newborn requires going above and beyond at all costs.

As the weeks passed, Tane developed an unhealthy bond with the child, whom he gave the Maori name for bravery—Maia. Despite Dana (Ally Harris) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) reassuring him that she was alright, he would not leave her side.

Tragically, local Coastal News journalist Peter Rolfe wrote a harsh piece on Tane, calling into question his bond with the infant and exposing the criminal past of the Parata family. Tane retaliated when Peter travelled to Northern Districts to ask for an interview and to give him a chance to respond.


After Peter filed a complaint, Tane was expelled from the hospital. He received an AVO after defying Rose’s orders to keep away, and he would be arrested if he visited the hospital again.

Tane, who thought it would be best to foster the child himself, went to social worker Harper (Jessica Redmayne) for guidance. To his dismay, she informed him that he was not qualified to foster due to his lack of permanent status in Australia.

Before starting the drawn-out process of qualifying for residency, he proposed that Roo (Georgie Parker) serve as the baby’s temporary foster caretaker until he could take over. This proved to be the ideal answer.

Since the discovery of baby Maia brought back terrible memories of her decision to give up her own kid for adoption many years ago, Roo had already been fighting her emotions.

However, Rose heard some sad news last week when Roo was applying to be Maia’s foster carer: an emergency foster family had been found, and the infant will soon move in with them.

Even when they assured Tane that Maia would be safe with them and that the family had successfully completed the due diligence procedure, Tane found it difficult to take in the information and didn’t think it was the right decision. He is obviously yearning to become a father and is aware that his opportunity is passing.


He takes a risky action that could change his life in this week’s episodes in an attempt to retain Maia in his life.

Tane feels like he’s being let down by the system, so Dana decides to sneak him into Northern Districts hospital to say goodbye to Maia for the last time. She doesn’t anticipate Tane snatching the child and secretly leaving the hospital before vanishing with her!

Ethan tells TV Week that Tane feels let down by the system. All that counts to him is that he thinks he’s doing what’s best for Maia.

Simultaneously, a woman eventually emerges to assert herself as Maia’s biological mother. Rose is dubious since the woman appeared out of nowhere despite weeks of police labour attempting to locate her, but she is confident that a DNA test will reveal the truth.

Yet none of it matters if there is no child.

Rose is compelled to stop the woman while Tane is being desperately searched for across Summer Bay.

When they locate him, what repercussions are in store?

Next week, Catherine Văn-Davies’ character Stevie makes a poor choice that can potentially bring her stalker to her.

She moved in with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) last week after Stevie’s stalker found out where the hotel was where she had been hiding out. The move did not sit well with Cash’s girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panazzo), who is growing more and more envious of the amount of time Cash is spending with his new client.

The unexpected effect of moving to Saxon Avenue was that Stevie fell in love with Adam Rowland’s newly single Remi the moment he laid eyes on her. After Remi assisted Stevie in filming a video audition for a new movie, the two became close, and soon they were sharing a bed.

In the episode airing tonight, Stevie takes the bold decision to post a covert selfie of herself and Remi cuddling in bed to social media. Even in the best of circumstances, this is a strange action, especially when you should be keeping quiet.

Nicolas Cartwright tells TV Week, “Stevie hasn’t gotten to where she is by being told what to do.” But for her own protection, Cash asks her to make a compromise.

Even if Stevie finally gives in and promises to keep a low profile, is it too late? Will her stalker be able to locate her in Summer Bay with the updated photo?

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