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Home and Away spoilers: Felicity hears SHOCK NEWS about Tane!


There was a brief glimpse of hope that Jacqui Purvis’s character Felicity Newman and Ethan Browne’s character Tane Parata, who is now her ex-husband, would reunite on Home and Away (1:45pm – check our TV Guide for listings).

The ex-couples recently hooked up without warning.

However, Tane subsequently stated that their evening spent together was an error.

This will never be able to occur again!


In today’s Australian soap opera episode, Felicity is shocked to learn that Tane intends to put a significant amount of distance between them.

by returning to New Zealand permanently!

To confront him, she charges over to the farmhouse.

Why does Tane feel he has to get up and get out?


Summer Bay must be large enough for the two of them, right?

However, it appears Tane has already determined there is nothing left in the Bay for him.

Ever the optimist, Dana Matheson (Ally Harris) is prepared to act as her sister Harper’s (Jessica Redmayne) suitor.

When Xander Harris (Luke Van Os) shows up at the beach house, Harper is taken aback because he is unaware of Dana’s cunning schemes to arrange marriages.


He’s there to go to Moonlight At Salt with Harper!

Harper has been discreetly asked to go on a date by Dana!

Will Harper dress up and agree to follow Dana’s plan?

Kyle Shilling’s character Mali Hudson is beginning to feel like a free man once more.

Senior Serjeant Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier), the surfer dude’s girlfriend, has been putting in extra hours since receiving a promotion.

It has been difficult for the couple to spend any quality time together.


Mali texts Rose about a romantic SURPRISE after having an idea.

In an attempt to get their relationship back on track, he has covertly purchased them tickets to Moonlight At Salt.

Will Rose, though, appear?

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